Rubber City Rocks at Mr. Fun’s Costumes and Magic Emporium

Rubber City Rocks | Issue 8 

by Paul and Davey Treen


Hey guys, Paul here! I’m back for another issue of Rubber City Rocks! It’s October, and my birthday and Halloween are both coming up this month. So let’s see… local shops… ah! Mr. Fun’s Costumes and Magic Emporium in Cuyahoga Falls is an awesome shop that sells licensed products, accessories, makeup, wigs and novelties. Perfect, right?

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Well, it does not stop there. I interviewed one of the managers, Heather Williamson. Fourteen years ago, they had four smaller locations all over Ohio then came together to create on large store in an old abandoned roller rink in Cuyahoga Falls.  She says you can beat the Halloween rush, reserve and pick up many rental costumes in mid-October and then return them November 1! Mr. Fun’s is such a FUN place and its idea for costume needs!

Now it’s time to review my favorite act from Signal Tree Fest: Me Time & the Raging Crush, a rock band from Akron that might be the next Devo. They were great. They have an album boldly titled “Me Time & The Raging Crush” pressed in yellow vinyl at FONE Records right here in Akron. I love this city! You know what else was good about the album?  The guitarist and vocalist Eric Blackenhorn gave me the album for free just because I write in The Devil Strip.

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Speaking of writing for The Devil Strip, we have one last thing. We need more Rubber City Rocks columnists! If y’all are interested, email editor-in-chief Rosalie at or  


Until then,

Paul Treen


Mr Fun’s Costumes and Magic Emporium

4130 State Rd, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

(330) 923-3339