Welcome to The Peach Pit, a New DIY Music Venue

An Interview with Co-founder Luke Brancato

by Floco Torres


Running a DIY venue of any kind requires a level of emotional strength that most of us don’t posses. Countless hours are invested into providing a stage for local, regional, national and sometimes international performers when they have nowhere else to play. Taking on this responsibility usually means putting yourself (or your household) second to the mission. We’ve seen venues go away or have to slow down for sanity (Get well Oakdale), but just a few weeks ago, two musicians new to Akron (Luke Brancato and Lance Augustine) decided they were up for the task of starting a new venue in Goodyear Heights called The Peach Pit.




Floco Torres: When was The Peach Pit formed and who is involved?

Luke Brancato: We made the peach pit a few weeks ago to help bands book shows on tours or local showcases. The Peach Pit is run by myself (Luke Brancato) and Lance Augustine.


FT: Will The Peach Pit be open to all genres of music?

LB: The peach pit is open to all genres of music. It is a venue to help artists and the community.


FT: The venue is located in the Goodyear Heights neighborhood. What are your thoughts on the surrounding area right now?

LB: Both myself and Lance are from the Johnstown, Pennsylvania area and happened to move to [Akron] so unfortunately we do not know a whole lot about the area around.


FT: Have you run into any challenges that have made things a bit difficult so far?

LB: So far things have gone very smoothly for us with it being a very relaxed venue and just starting up. We do however understand how running shows works and realize we will run into difficulties but we are prepared to stick to our vision of providing a venue that takes nothing and gives everything back to bands and the community.


FT: Are there any shows in the works coming up that you’re excited for Akron to know about?

LB: We are working on a big New Year’s Eve show that will consist of local talent along with talent from other areas in the Tri-state area.

Outside of these questions, the only thing we hope to do with the Peach Pit is help bands and the community. We never really thought about anything else besides that. We both play in bands and have played in bands that have done some touring and we understand for touring bands sometimes it’s hard to get shows, so we want to take that stress out of booking shows in Akron and just provide a place open to whoever and whenever.


Halloween House Show (5$ donation suggested)

Saturday, October 27 2018 featuring

The Standby (Erie, PA)

Dive (Pittsburgh, PA)

Perfect Girl (Akron, OH)

Method (Akron, OH)

Skeleton (Kent, OH)

For more information please visit Facebook.com/ThePeachPitOH


Floco Torres will be at their Halloween show on Floctober 27th possible dressed as Redman and Method Man with Kenny Averiett