Rubber City Rocks | Issue 7

by Paul & Davey Treen


Hey, Akronites!

Paul, the biggest fan of All Things Akron here!  

Here’s the September issue of Rubber City Rocks!

We have a lot of stuff to talk about. So let’s have them all fit neatly in five paragraphs or less.


Paragraph 1: Hollow Bone Records

This place is a record shop in Fairlawn recommended by the manager of Square Records. Nice to see that locals recommend locals! As with Square Records, they have an awesome selection of new and used vinyl. They do sell CDs, but that is just a cheap move. They let you test the record you want to buy and they can put them on hold for you. They had the album I was after, and Davey’s too. Just so you know, mine was “Revolver” by the Beatles and Davey’s was “Woodstock Part 1.” (FYI: They are on hold, so don’t get any ideas.) Records can get expensive, but the higher the price the better the condition. Sorry Davey, four bucks!? Mine is in much better condition. They also are extremely organized and do not smell like old records.


Paragraph 2: Staff Music

Located in Ellet, this music store is for the rock band: Selling electric guitars, bass guitars, drums, straps, stands, cases, amplifiers, acoustic guitars, banjos, ukuleles and other things like that. Perfect place! The only con is that the store smells like cigarettes. If you need an upgrade on a guitar you should check it out. The staff are extremely helpful and you can get lessons.





Paragraph 3: Rubber City Comics

This is located on East Mill Street. This comic shop is awesome. Seriously. It will take forever to talk about them so I am gonna go with the important things. Like any comic shop, they have old copies, reprints and most of the latest comics. Superheroes, wholesome, humor and drama, they have it all. They also sell merchandise.The prices aren’t bad. But the one problem was when I saw a “Black Lightning” comic. Why is that bad, you may ask? Well… I said, “Ohhh! Black Lightning! His creator is from Ohio.” Then the manager said, “I know, but not Akron, Northeast Ohio, that’s not bad.” Seriously?!  He don’t know who he was talking to…


Paragraph 4: Nightlight Cinema

Also near Main Street, this indie cinema may have a small auditorium, but it is worth it. So was seeing The Beatles “Yellow Submarine” as a rerun. They had real clip art from the film itself hanging on the walls!






Paragraph 5: What is an Aeromorphiscope?

There is a new piece of artwork at The Akron Art Museum called Aeromorphiscope by Los Angeles artist Isla Hansen, who I met at the museum the day of the installation. She said it took six months to create and build, then it was transported to Akron in pieces and it took a couple days to reassemble. It is interactive art that has computer screens with characters responding to kids pushing on the artwork. There is also a spinning wheel that lets you watch a cartoon, and when it spins, a swimming flipper flips around. I got to interact with the piece before it was officially open with special permission from Isla, but the museum employees didn’t know and I almost got in trouble. You should know you’re not supposed to touch the art in a museum 99 percent of the time. The exhibit should be ready to go by now, so get your hands on the Aeromorphiscope today!



That’s all for this month! See y’all in October 😀

Typed, Paul Treen


Davey’s Corner

Cari Miller’s amazing artwork! Cari is a local artist. She makes Akron Blimps and Sunshines and Nature art and has work hanging in Flurry’s cafe in Cuyahoga Falls!






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