The University of Akron Press | Poem for August 2018

“Notes of First Kisses” by Sarah Perrier


The poem “Notes of First Kisses” appears in the poetry collection Nothing Fatal by Sarah Perrier, published by The University of Akron Press as part of the Akron Series in Poetry. Visit to order a copy of Sarah’s book and to browse other Akron Series in Poetry books.

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Notes on First Kisses


Allen Wexler thought he was the first, and I let him
strut that fact for days. The only myth of first kisses

is that there is only one. The first kiss on the lips,
the first one with tongues. The first with feeling

(it’s probably fear). How can you believe
a word I say, once you know where my mouth

has been? Josh Elias asked first. Kenny Hudgins
should have brushed his teeth better. Can you

believe a word I say, until you know what else
my mouth can do? Shut up and kiss me, fool.


Sarah Perrier is the author of Just One of Those Things (2003). Her previous journal publications include The Cimarron Review, Hotel Amerika, The Journal, Pleiades, and Mid-American Review. Her work has also been featured on Verse Daily. She is an assistant professor at Point Park University in PA.


(Cover image courtesy of The University of Akron Press.)