Review of “I Drink My Drugs, Thank You!” by Rational Dads

Hardcore Punk Thrashers for Liquor People

by Kyle Cochrun


Are you the type of person who enjoys being punched in the face while moshing at punk rock shows?

Consider an alternative: Listen to the latest EP from Akron hardcore band Rational Dads, titled “I Drink My Drugs, Thank You!” When played loud, it’s both a sharp jab to the skull and the next day’s pounding headache.

These five songs are breakneck blasts of punk rock brutality resembling alleyway muggings. Three of the tracks barely clock in over a minute, and the pace never relents for more than a few seconds. The bite-sized portions pack so much energy that clicking replay is worth the brief, low-level migraines.

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The vocals of Miles Moore set the Dads apart from other hardcore punk bands. It’s as if he’s both squealing and vomiting over the guitar/drum blitzkriegs. If you don’t think that’s awesome, this music just wasn’t made for you.

Though it’s difficult to discern the lyrics Moore is shouting, it turns out that “I Drink My Drugs, Thank You!” is actually a concept record.

“If there’s an overall unifying theme tying this album together, it’s our collective loathing and unmitigated hatred of the scourge taking hold of this country: the legalization of marijuana,” says guitarist Derek Kreider unironically.

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“Our hope is that people will listen to ‘I Drink My Drugs, Thank You!’ and realize that weed isn’t the way. High-proof liquor is the way.”

Rational Dads pulled off making a record that, if you’re into this thrash-and-clang punk stuff, doesn’t require drinking any high-proof liquor to enjoy. The lyrics may be incomprehensible, but the music evokes the feeling of ripping about eight too many shots and crashing around the bar before waking up on a sticky bathroom floor.

The party gets pretty hazy afterward, though. These songs are engaging enough to have replay value, but the melodies won’t get lodged in your head. None of the tracks stand out from the others, and sometimes it’s hard to perceive song-by-song differences.

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“I Drink My Drugs, Thank You!” works as a brisk EP, but if the Dads ever aim for a full-length, their brand of booze-fueled punk would benefit from more variation.

For now, this is a pretty stiff shot. If that’s what you’re into.

Check out Rational Dads live at Now That’s Class in Cleveland on Sept. 8.


Kyle Cochrun is a writer from Akron, Ohio who is currently enrolled in the NEOMFA program for creative writing. Contact: 330-603-1744

(Photo by Justin Nelson. Used with permission.)