The contestants pose for a photo, as seen on Kids Baking Championship Season 5.

Davey Treen to be featured on Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship!

words by Paul, Davey & Jayna Treen, photos by Food Network  


Hey, Akronites!  

Judges Valerie Bertinelli and Duff Goldman pose for a photo, as seen on Kids Baking Championship, Season 5. (Photo courtesy of Food Network). 

We have some fantastic news to share! Davey, that co-author guy that we all know and love, is going to be on “Kids Baking Championship” on Food Network. Tune in Monday nights starting August 6 at 9 pm to see him whip up something sweet!

My mom and I put Davey in the hot seat for an interview because he can handle the heat and stay in the kitchen. We asked him questions all of us want to know.


Paul: Do Valerie and Duff [hosts of “Kids Baking Championship”] have sharp teeth?  

Davey: …. ummm… No!


Paul: Did you get asked to make something you had never made before?

Davey: Yes! We had to incorporate a special secret ingredient technique into our decorating and one of the twists was something I had never used before.  


Mom: People sometimes think the kids don’t actually make the food. Is that true? Did adults help you bake?

Davey: You can ask for help from staff only for help with stuff you can’t really reach or open after lots of trying. The bakers help each other, too, like if someone gets stuck fixing a problem, they will help each other through it.  But no grown ups help bake.


Paul: Did you get to use the ice cream maker?

Davey: Yes! We all had to use it in a challenge! It was great!


Paul: Did you get to use the fondant roller?

Davey: Yes. I got to use the sheeter! It’s called “a sheeter!” It’s so satisfying to watch the fondant go through it and get flat.


Mom: What was the most exciting part of the experience?  

Davey: Meeting Duff and Valerie and being in the “Kids Baking Championship” kitchen. We have our own personal kitchen area with our own mixer, basic ingredients and tasting spoons.   Tasting spoons are so important because saliva is not a good ingredient in our batter!


Mom: What are some of the fun things available in the kitchen?

Davey: Every color of melting chocolate, lots of different types of chocolate, fun cutters for fondant, the blast chiller.


Paul: Did you have a script?

Davey: No.


Mom: What are your future baking plans?  

Davey: I want to bake more miniatures. I want to make videos of miniatures baking and open a bakery shop.


Paul: Why do you want to bake in miniatures?  

Davey: It’s really trendy and fun. Plus it takes up less space and mess and time!


Mom: What is a great memory from the experience?  

Davey: Meeting a bunch of other kids with the same interests. Sadly, I was the only one from Ohio. The other kids were from all over—Colorado, New York, Florida, Washington, Georgia, Hawaii, Texas and California.  


Paul: Do you have any other film jobs lined up like movies or sitcoms?

Davey: No!


Paul: Do Valerie and Duff have sharp teeth?

Davey: No?! Paul!!

Mom: Paul…

Paul: Okay, okay . . .


Mom: How long have you been baking and how did you learn?

Davey: About two years ago I got into it by trying what the kids on “Kids Baking Championship” did. I guess I got pretty good!

Mom: So, what advice would you give to thousands of brand new kid bakers who are going to be inspired by you and the bakers of this season’s “Kids Baking Championship”?

Davey: If you’re just starting out, start off by not staying in the “box mix phase” very long. Try different types of desserts and expand your environment. Bake for parties and bake any chance you get. Use lots of different equipment. Practice decorating. Try to calm down and think when things go wrong so you can fix problems.  


Mom: Paul, how did you feel when you heard Davey was going to be on the show?

Paul: I felt proud of him!


Mom: Did you give him any special advice for the competition?

Paul: I told him to do what he can in the time limit and experiment if he gets the chance. And to try not to talk about me too much because that could get in the way of his baking…


Mom: We’re all so proud of you, Davey! Any other questions Paul?


Paul: Do Valerie and Duff have sharp teeth?

Davey: Arrrrrgh! Paul…!


Be sure to watch Davey, who also started out as just a kid from Akron (and still lives in Akron), on “Kids Baking Championship” starting Monday, August 6, 9pm on Food Network.


See ya next month!

—Paul, Mom and Davey