Luv & the City 

Singer LuvAbstract to Invade Signal Tree Fest 2018 on August 11, 2018 

by Ted Zep


LuvAbstract is every bit as mysterious as his name implies. Preferring not to reveal his off-stage identity, the 25-year-old singer and emcee from Stow continues to keep audiences on the heels of their feet with his unique blend of hip-hop, R&B, pop and electronic music.

“I always had an interest in a lot of different genres,” the singer explained in a recent interview with The Devil Strip. “In high school, a buddy asked me to be part of his band. I said yes and it was fun.”

LuvAbstract did that for a couple years before branching out and making his own music. During his junior year at The University of Akron, he played some of his songs for friends. As only close pals can be, they were honest with him. They told him that his material was good but the production was meh. The next day he took a sizeable chunk of his savings and secured some recording time at a local studio.

By 2015, he was ready to make this solo act a “thing.” Riffing off the name of an apparel line that he ran in high school (Abstract Clothing), and tinkering with the spelling due to an unavailable Twitter handle, LuvAbstract was born.

“Not to be cliché,” the musician chuckled, “but my songs are very ‘abstract.’”

Working in tandem with his production team “The Wavys,” LuvAbstract mixes elements of electronic, R&B, rap and soul to produce a rather distinct pop sound. His work is emotional and expressive.

“Ninety percent of what I write about is stuff I’ve gone through,” reveals the performer. “The other 10 percent are things I’ve observed.”

Songs like the evocative “Risk” are about the critical moments of negotiation before a one night stand goes down. he silky smooth “Lost Girls” takes a hard look at a woman who compromises herself at a party for some perceived gain. His material is tactile and contemporary. It covers familiar territory without tawdry shortcuts. The singer is smart and has a point of view.

LuvAbstract is scheduled to play the Signal Tree Fest at Lock 3 in Downtown Akron on Saturday, August 11. Luv is excited about performing at Signal Tree Fest.

“My first kiss was in Akron. My first fight was in Akron. I’m a University of Akron graduate. It’s [the city] where my friends told me to follow my music. I mean, my first show was in Akron. Literally, Akron has made me into the artist and person that I am.”

As for his gig at Signal Tree, he plans to come in loose. He likes to use a lot of call and response to energize and engage the audience. He and his onstage accomplice, JStrokes (DJ), read the crowd to determine what direction to take the performance. They are kinda old school like that.

And oh yeah, he does make one promise.

“Expect me to be passing out donuts,” the affable singer vows. “It’s something I’ve done since very early in my career. It helps hook the crowd. People love it.”

LuvAbstract and Krispy Kreme, now that’s fire.


  • To check out LuvAbstract’s music, visit He will be dropping a new EP (“The Abstract”) near the end of August or early September.
  • Signal Tree Fest is Saturday, August 11 at Lock 3 in Downtown Akron. is the place to go for the skinny on all the music, food and activities happening at this year’s event. There’s an incredible assembly of talent appearing. There will be a little bit of something for everyone. The event is FREE and FAMILY FRIENDLY.


Ted Zep has been a freelance culture critic for The Devil Strip since 2016. He also…ahem…really likes maple cream sticks. Just sayin’…