Jeremy Jenkins Will Unveil a Special Project at Signal Tree Fest on August 11

by Yoly Miller


Artist Jeremy Jenkins has been keeping secrets. As any good artist will avow, this is all for a good reason. Ideas, good or bad, have a way of walking into other’s brainstorming sessions. Keeping his current work under wraps ensures that Jenkins can work without interference, or unsolicited advice, on an art project that might have an impact on the city at large.

With his latest project, he dips into his mixed media and muralist background to bring renewed interest to overlooked places in Akron. It is part of the Art+Love project housed in the Law Building in Downtown Akron. He is working out of the Comunale Sculptural Concepts Studio in Canal Place, where all sorts of metal sculpting and fabricating takes place. It is sponsored in part by APV Engineered Coatings of Akron. The unveiling for Jeremy Jenkins’ project will be this August at the Signal Tree Festival.

Jenkins, an Akron native, is known for his large, colorful and fun paintings. They are inspired, in part, by his extensive travel abroad and by his early life in Firestone Park. Influences from 1960s and 1970s expressionism abound in his work as well. His “Untitled” piece in the 2016 FRESH juried show at Summit Art Space won him an Honorable Mention. He was one of 10 artists chosen by Reworks in 2015 to make art using household paints slated for disposal. He was also a participant in the Akron High Arts Festival.

All that aside, this new project is going to be very different. It waits to be seen if his signature style, one that has been associated with Jenkins since he came to the notice of Akron art enthusiasts, still shines through or if he has decided to go in a totally new direction with this endeavor. Either way, Jeremy Jenkins is putting his mark on the Akron landscape.


To see more of Jeremy Jenkins’ work you can visit his Artist Profile at or @JeremyJenkinsArtist on Facebook. Meet Jeremy and see his new project at Signal Tree Festival on August 11 this year! Event details here: