Rubber City Rocks | Issue 4

It’s all downhill from Derby Downs

by Paul and Davey Treen


Hiya, Akronites!

I have returned to an amazing and well known Akron location — DERBY DOWNS! The home of the famous All-American Soap Box Derby that runs in every summer and hosts gravity racing challenges for schools and scouting troops. (If your school competed, go to and comment on this article to say so.)

Anyhoo, let’s get back on track. My school did it last year and on team day it was me (aka – Paul, who writes while my twin brother Davey mooches off all my fame) versus a friend, who crashed into me. I promised I wouldn’t use that story in public, but there are many good reasons to betray her. (Darn you for crashing into me!)

Nobody wanted a repeat of that crash — going 39 miles per hour while I yelled, “We’re gonna die!” — so they were too chicken 🐓 to enter. (Hey, some chicken and jojos wouldn’t be bad right about now but no eating on the job!) My mom’s school, Woodridge Intermediate, raced this year and got third place! Considering other schools had at least 10 cars, that’s pretty impressive. In case you wanna know, Hatton from AKRON won first while the Rochester, NY team took second and fourth. They had a lot of cars.

Davey and I interviewed our good friends: the Woodridge driver, Caroline, and her brother Ryan — and hey, Davey did some work for once!

Davey: How did it feel going down the hill?

Caroline: It felt really snug in the car!

Davey: You got third place — top ten percent! What do you think of that?

Caroline: It feels good to get third place!  

Paul: What was your least favorite part of the race?

Caroline: My coach said he heard the opposing team cussed when they found out they were going to race against me! (She was laughing when she said this, so maybe it wasn’t her “least favorite” part of the race.)

Davey: Ryan, as bro of the team driver, what were your thoughts about today?

Ryan: Why does Rochester have so many cars? Twenty-four!

So whether you sign up to go down the hills yourself or you wanna watch some races, be sure to get to Derby Downs this summer here in Akron!

Look for us here next month in The Devil Strip at Rubber City Rocks!  
**Paul Treen (and Davey)