Dog Days of Akron

The Moxy Minute Highlights Everything That’s Unique About Akron . . . Through the Eyes of a Dog

words and photos by Noor Hindi


Meet Moxy Stone. She’s sassy, she enjoys food and high fives, and like her human, Bill Stone, she loves living and playing in Akron.

Oh, and she’s about to be famous. Her YouTube channel, Moxy Minute, will soon launch and document her adventures in Akron. From hanging out at Akron Dog Park, to chilling at Nervous Dog Coffee, Moxy thinks Akron is a really cool place for a dog.

“We want to get people who have dogs to see that Akron can be very dog accessible,” Bill says.

Moxy is half Australian Cattle, half Australian Shepherd. She’ll be 3 years old in September. Through Moxy Minute, Bill will be creating weekly episodes that highlight dog-friendly establishments in Akron.

Moxy will be the star of the show. She can’t wait to brag about all of the tricks her humans have taught her.

“She’s intelligent,” Bill says. “Since she was a puppy, all of the tricks she’s learned, she learned within the first four months of her life.”

Moxy can roll over, give high fives and shake hands with humans, among other tricks. At home, she’s the center of attention. She even has her own gumball machine with treats. Her favorite toy though is her stuffed duck.

“She has taken all the stuffing completely out, but she carries the duck all over the house. It’s so cute.”

Bill has always loved dogs. As a kid, his mother would breed and show dogs. That was their family business for 50 years.

“I love their demeanor, their loyalty,” Bill says. “I always loved a pet that was interactive. Cats to me, as much as I love cats, they always have that ‘I can do without you’ attitude. Like, ‘I’m existing, you’re existing, we don’t really need to interact.’”

Bill is excited about showing people everything that’s unique about Akron through Moxy’s eyes. You can check out their adventures on YouTube by following their YouTube Channel Moxy Stone. Moxy is also on Twitter @MoxyStone.