Episode XX: Akron Strikes Back

Around Akron with Blue Green Celebrates Ep. 20 Sunday at Thursdays

by Dave Daly


Blue Green is a big fan of Akron. So much so that he directs, produces, films and stars in his very own TV show, Around Akron with Blue Green. As spring flowers arrive, so to does the latest installment of Around Akron. To celebrate episode 20, Green has decided to host a soirée in our fair city’s finest establishment named after a day of the week: Thursdays.

Join Green this Sunday, May 20 at 9pm at Thursdays for a viewing party and karaoke after. This month, he delves into ‘Sounds of Akron.’ Did you know The Akron Sound Museum exists?! A space dedicated to documenting and celebrating the storied history of the city’s music scene can be found just east of downtown. Green will take us there Sunday on Western Reserve PBS and inspire more than few audience members to visit in real life.

Where else will we go with Blue? Into Akron’s stellar world of poetry. Jason Blakely, Shaneen A. Harrison, Steve Brightman, Theresa Brightman, Jaime Keaton and Yoly Miller all grace Green with their presence and share what makes poetry in the rubber city unique, important and beautiful. As far as I know Keaton has no relation to the finest actor to dawn the Dark Knight’s cape and cowl.

Next? Earthquaker Devices baby. Our favorite guitar pedal creators get the spotlight. And why shouldn’t they? This company makes music sound louder, harder, weirder and better. Their mascot is an Octopus. I just read that octopi may be alien creatures that fell to Earth on frozen asteroids. Effects masters and alien cephalopods. Yup. Green will take us to the place where the magic happens. Pro tip: Earthquaker hosts a killer party every summer. Go to it.

Last Stop! Luthier Joseph Heindel shares his incredible skills with Blue. What is a luthier? Let me be your dictionary. It is a maker of stringed instruments. Mr. Heindel meticulously crafts guitars, ukuleles and more in his Kenmore workshop. I happen to know him from the urban agriculture world and this man is truly a wonderful human being.

Around Akron with Blue Green is almost old enough to drink. Why, it seems like just yesterday she was barely walking and getting to know the neighborhoods, hills and quirks of this little metropolis. I look forward to celebrating episode 20 at Thursdays this Sunday. Be a good Akronite and do the same. I already mentioned there’d be Karaoke after! Of course, if you can’t join the party you can still watch at home. Don’t be left out. Let Green be your guide.

See Y’all Around,

Dave Daly


Akron Sound Museum
923 Bank Street Unit A, Akron, Ohio 44305

For more information visit facebook.com/Akronsoundmuseum


Earthquaker Devices

350 W. Bowery Street, Akron, OH 44307

For more information visit earthquakerdevices.com


Diamond Deli

Monday – Friday, 8am-8pm; Saturdays 11am-7pm, Closed Sundays

378 S. Main Street, Akron, OH 44311

For the menu and more info visit diamonddeli.us


Thursday’s Lounge

Monday-Saturday, 5:30pm-2:30am

306 E. Exchange Stm Akron, OH 44303

For more information, visit thursdayslounge.com



Dave Daly is Akron’s finest transplant from Boston. Go Celtics.



(all photos courtesy of Around Akron with Blue Green)