Paul and Davey Treen show off their Akron pride at the Northside Marketplace. (Photo: Jayna Treen)

Rubber City Rocks | Issue 3


Hello, Akronites!

Welcome to the third Rubber City Rocks! Now that Akron is in my wrath, I can officially go around Akron almost without hesitating. Hey, it ain’t my fault that a lot of local businesses close at five in the evening. Dadblast those darn after-school hours.

Whoops, my bad. I just cussed. TWICE.

But anyhoo, all I’m saying is if you plan to go around Akron, get out early. And I am here to tell y’all something awesome awesome 😎 . Near the Wally Waffle and Highland Square branch library, there are two locations for you to go: Angel Falls Cafè and Square Records.

Let’s talk about Angel Falls first. It is a café which you can easily find with a giant mural on the outside of the place. They serve coffee, hot chocolate and more stuff. And as the Devil Strip’s Urine Luck — you’re in luck = urine luck, get it?! (Comedy cymbals) — can attest, their bathrooms should rank among 2018’s artsiest bathrooms. I mean my bro Dave begged for my mom’s phone 📱 just so he can take a picture of the boy’s room. But to seal the deal on their greatness, Angel Falls also has copies of The Devil Strip.

So I recommend it and let’s have a look at Square Records. They have records and cd’s, but no turntables or CD players. They have everything from reissued vinyl records to the first Beatles album which is actually a pretty good price. They sell 45s and 33s, and it is about a block from Angel Falls.

You gotta check out both places, and I hope you enjoyed this and see y’all next month!

— Paul


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