Akron Pizza Task Force | May 2018

Regina’s Pizza

words & photos by Whit Mumbley


Been real lazy lately — like the idea of using my phone as a phone and calling someone, even to have them bring me pizza, is a turn-off — so when I found Regina’s Pizza on Grubhub, I got super excited because I’ve wanted to try them for a while but I’m seldom hungry and traveling between Kenmore and Rolling Acres. This was the perfect storm …for someone who wanted to do zero work but also not starve, and by “not starve,” I mean overeat.  

THE HOOK: The box says Regina’s Pizza features “That True Italian Flavor” and I’m not one to argue with a box. But I also don’t know what that means because the limits of my “True Italian Flavor” expertise is understanding that it can’t be found at the Olive Garden. Ever.

ORDER: Here’s why you go to Regina’s — besides that sweet, sweet TIF — salami on your pizza. I could be wrong. I’m not you. But being me, I saw salami on the toppings menu and thought it sounded boss. Fair warning: It complicates the whole pulling your slices apart thing if they don’t cut all the way through. The sauce is strong but not overpowering and it sits on a crust thick enough to take a nap on. I had black olives on it too because, again, I’m me and that’s the kind of thing I’d do. And because I’m so health-conscious, I also ordered a salad which, of course, according to city ordinance 330.0001a, must be covered with 16 oz. of shredded provolone (or mozz), if it’s ordered from a pizza joint inside the greater Akron area.

THE FEELS: I’m not sure what it’s like to eat at Regina’s Pizza but I have a sense of it. That is, I’m guessing I’d like it fine. However, I was happy having it delivered and the Grubhub thing made it no muss, no fuss. I didn’t even speak to the delivery guy when he arrived. We just exchanged knowing glances then he left the pizza with me.

WHEN’S GOOD: As long as you aren’t craving Regina’s on Monday, you’re in good shape. They’re open from 11 am to 9 pm on Tuesday through Thursday, and 11 am to 10 pm on Friday-Saturday, then on Sunday from noon to 8 pm.

WHERE: 2160 East Ave Akron, OH 44314 or online at reginaspizza.com or on Grubhub at devilst.rip/Reginas. You can also find them on the Facebooks.