‘The Punisher’ meets ‘Rocky Horror’

Ted Sikora Releases Tap Dance Killer, A New Comic Book Series

by Noor Hindi


Akron’s newest villain, Tap Dance Killer, is a total badass. She’s fierce and dramatic, terrifying and weird, and she’s also TDS contributor Josy Jones’ favorite theatrical role.

Written by Ted Sikora, the new comic book series is promising to bring a unique story and edgy character to comic book fans everywhere.

“We’ve been describing it ‘The Punisher’ meets ‘Rocky Horror’ and I’m most excited because I feel like we have something really new to show people,” says Ted.

Josy dressed up as Tap Dance Killer for a few Comic-Cons around the city and is hoping to continue doing so to promote Tap Dance Killer. Josy is excited about the role because her and Tap Dance Killer share many physical features.

“She looks just like me, so that’s really cool. And you don’t really get to see that a lot, being a black woman.”

Tap Dance Killer is centered on the character of Nikki St Clair, who is cast in a horror show musical.

 When she gets stuck in the madcap role offstage, she terrorizes the streets of Cleveland, killing anyone who stands in her way.

Both Josy and Tap Dance Killer enjoy dancing, theater and are from Cleveland. Josy’s role as Tap Dance Killer has made her more interested in comic books.

“I’m not really a comic person but being a part of this project has made me more of a comic person.”

Check out Tap Dance Killer by visiting squ.re/2HohowQ or visiting Hero Tomorrow Comics’ Facebook page @herotomorrow.

(All photos courtesy of Hero Tomorrow Comics)