Tip Sheet | April 2018

words and photos by Kyle Cochrun


For this edition, I asked three business owners what the biggest motivation is behind their business. Here’s what they had to say:

Tony Ly, Sushi Katsu and Quarter Up Bar Arcade

“I want to create jobs and establish local hangout places. My biggest problem with a lot of people my age is that they feel like they want to go to a bigger city, whether that be Cleveland, Columbus, or out of state, because ‘there’s nothing to do here.’ As a young person myself, I think it’s up to us to create the environment we want to be in. My vision with [Quarter Up Bar Arcade] was to create a place that someone my age [and] with my interests would really dig.”

Fuad Khayyat, Fuad Khayyat’s Vine Valley

“I really enjoy preparing authentic Lebanese food for people and that’s what drives me. When I go to the grocery stores and see all the different types of hummus they have there, it’s all junk. Here, whether it’s the hummus or the tabbouleh or the kibbe, it’s the real deal.”


Micah Beree, Akron Artworks

“My biggest motivation behind the business is ego-building through art exploration, the idea that people can create something that wasn’t there before and out of that gain a sense of accomplishment and well-being.”