Akron Avenger

Rubber City Rocks | Issue Two

Paul & Davey take over Akron

by Paul Treen & Davey Treen


Hello Akronites!

Welcome to the second Rubber City Rocks! This month you will see my comic the Akron Avenger and some of what I have done since I was last in The Devil Strip. I have read The Devil Strip on a devil strip by the Akron Fulton airport and the air dock.

I also interviewed a worker named Kayleigh at Akron’s retro superstore, The Bomb Shelter, where they opened a television museum called the TV Dinner Club. So, I asked when that opened, but I knew it had to be between September and March because it was employees-only, and she replied that they had a party in November and opened in December.

And they have a automotive museum coming this late this month and they even have their own posters designed by 427 Design which is a local company. I’m sure you think The Bomb Shelter would be another antique store, but it ain’t what you think it is. So, I think it’s worth Googling to look up, and you should come and visit it.

I hope you enjoy and see you next month!

– Paul

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