No fudgin’ about the perfect post-workout treat

How Lisa Shiu Luchansky invented Fit Fudge

words by Noor Hindi, photos by Ilenia Pezzaniti


Since Lisa Shiu Luchansky was a little girl, she has always enjoyed being an athlete. Lisa was a gymnast, and she played rugby in college. Now she’s always on the go: competing in CrossFit competitions, running her own gym, All Heart CrossFit and selling Fit Fudge, her delicious post-workout snack.

“I want to take over the world and sell Fit Fudge everywhere. That’s the plan,” she says.

When Lisa noticed that her athletes at the gym preferred eating her homemade fudge rather than the RXBARs being sold, she decided to start selling Fit Fudge. At the time, she couldn’t have known that the treat she was making for herself would be enjoyed by so many.

“It’s pretty awesome to share my product with people and have so many people love it.”

For Lisa, it’s all about being healthy and understanding what you’re putting inside your body. Fit Fudge is made with peanut butter, dark chocolate chips, natural honey, coconut oil and coconut flour. With the whey protein isolate Lisa adds in, the snack packs in 13 grams of protein.

The best part, though, is the taste, which is like a REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup, but tastier. And more nutritious.

“It’s just a good, healthy snack that’s an easy option. It’s a little bit sweet, so if you’ve got sweet tooth sorts of cravings it’s a way better option than some candy bars.”

When Lisa first started making the fudge and selling it, she was spending hours in the kitchen making it, and then packaging it. Meeting the demand was oftentimes challenging, which is why Lisa is thankful for her family.

“They all love Fit Fudge and when we were making it, my family would come over once a week and help me package all the fudge, so that’s amazing.”

Lisa is no stranger to entrepreneurship, which is why the switch to selling the fudge has been smooth, for the most part. Because of All Heart CrossFit, Lisa understands what it takes to make and sell a good product or service. At her gym, which she’s owned since 2010, Lisa trains athletes and helps push them to new limits.

“You kind of have to get to know your athletes and know what’s going to help motivate them and inspire them to move better.”

Lisa says the best way to clear your mind and relieve stress is to go to the gym. She loves the competitive part of CrossFit and learning how far her body can go.

“Exercise makes you feel good,” she says. “It just makes you happy. You feel good afterwards, you feel accomplished with your day, and I just feel kind of crappy and sluggish if I don’t get my workout in.”

From helping train other athletes, to selling Fit Fudge and working out herself, Lisa’s favorite part of being an entrepreneur is the creativity and the freedom she has to run with her ideas.

To order Fit Fudge, visit or buy it at Northside Marketplace. For information about All Heart CrossFit, visit