“Family! Show Us Yours” at Studio 2091 Mothersbaugh

words by Nate Edmunds, photos by Stephen Mulé


Amy Mothersbaugh opened Studio 2091 Mothersbaugh eight years ago in Cuyahoga Falls in the old 1874 Comstock Building, which her family has owned for the last several decades. The building itself has an unmistakable air of history and scope with its brick archways and Romanesque Revival-style architecture. At one point, Amy describes how her father was renovating the building and found false walls where gamblers would bet on horse races and use telegraph machines that would wire the winners and losers. Now the building is steeped in the illusion of art.  

Amy comes from a family of artists and musicians whose influence has enriched Akron and Northeast Ohio for more than half of a century. She explains some of the core inspirations for the “Family! Show Us Yours” exhibit: “It is what people see as who is important to them, whether it’s their blood relatives, ancestors, their own children, their neighbors, even in animals and bugs. It is grouping of caregiving and sharing. It exudes a huge feeling of caring, of respect.”

The gallery is filled with an eclectic assortment of artistic expression rooted in the theme of family, from birds and beetles, to plants and people. One of the featured works is a painting that captures the spirit of the exhibit, titled “Family Tree” by the Steele Family, Studio 2091 resident artists’ Rebecca Steele and Justin Steele, along with their three young children. “Family Tree” is a beautiful exploration of color, shading, and line work.

Other works include Stephen Mulé’s technically impressive “Siblings,” Jeffrey Puccini’s evocative “Children Without Parents,” and Dionne Simone’s “23 Hours.” The exhibit has photography, painting, sculpture, object art, and more. Every piece in the exhibit is interesting and alive in a way that can only be achieved by artists and curators who have a stake in their region and communities, or as Amy puts it, “these are so much more significant and important than the bullshit bins at Target.”

“I want to bring incredible art to my community and beyond,” she said. “One thing that’s really great, being that we are Cuyahoga Falls, is that Akron will come to us, Cleveland will come to us, and Kent comes to us.”

If you go to Studio 2091 you will be welcomed, entertained, engaged, and enlightened by Amy and all of the resident artists as if you have been with them all along. And don’t forget to bring your family!

In addition to cultivating and nurturing her studio, Amy Mothersbaugh is currently working on a children’s literary book series based on her octopus art.

“Family! Show Us Yours” is currently on exhibit through April 7 at the Studio 2091 Mothersbaugh. “Corrugated Carnival” by Northeast Ohio abstract and cubist artist, Tina P-Myers will be featured at the studio from April 13 to May 5. 2091 Front St. in Cuyahoga Falls.

Studio 2091 Mothersbaugh

2091 Front St., Cuyahoga Falls



Nathan Edmunds is a father, husband, writer, and musician. He celebrated his five-year wedding anniversary on March 20, and continues to celebrate his wife’s great achievement in endurance and sheer will.