Davey Basking in the retro radioactive glow of The Bomb Shelter

Rubber City Rocks | Meet the founders


Late last year, we received an email from a superfan, Paul Treen via his mom Jayna. He and his twin brother Davey love Akron so much they wanted to start their own publication about it. So we decided to join forces on Rubber City Rocks, made for Akron kids by Akron kids. First up, you meet Paul and Davey but we’re also inviting other local creative kids to join us as Rubber City Rocks gets even bigger and better. If that sounds like fun, shoot me an email at chris@thedevilstrip.com and we’ll get you started! – Chris Horne, publisher of The Devil Strip


A message from the founder of Rubber City Rocks:

Welcome to the first Rubber City Rocks!

Whether you are from Akron or new, you are probably believing that Akron is awful. But wrong! Akron is the best city ever! And don’t you forget it. If your hero is LeBron and don’t know where he is from then it’s time you know it in one word: AKRON. Yup. Five letters of awesome.

If you are a kid you are probably a fan of Dum-Dum suckers. Did you know they were established in Akron? So now you’re all beginning to know that Akron is great. I’m Paul Treen and I’m here with the new Devil Strip series called Rubber City Rocks, written and drawn by me and my Akronite friends to show you how awesome Akron is.

– Paul

Name: Paul
Age: 10

Title: Founder of Rubber City Rocks
Favorite City: AKRON (Duh.)
Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
Diet: Not diet sodas
Other awesome cities that don’t compare to Akron that he loves: New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., Indianapolis
AKROTASTIC TOUR FAVORITES: Akron Art Museum, smARTstudio, Peanut Shop, Pizza Fire, Civic Theater, Akron Summit County Public Library
Favorite Local Eats: Wally Waffle!
Hobbies: Filmmaking, reading, drawing mustaches on pictures, going to museums, trivia, card games, Legos, cartooning, reviewing books and movies, play in his actual treehouse, antiques, and of course, bragging about Akron!

Name: Davey
Age: 10

Title: Twin bro of the founder of Rubber City Rocks
Likes: All things retro, baking from scratch, live and local musical theater, ukulele, illustrating
AKROTASTIC TOUR FAVORITES: Bomb Shelter, Peanut Shop, Wally Waffle, Akron Art Museum, Derby Downs, Rubber Ducks
Favorite Local Eats, Wally Waffle, Swensons, Rose Villa, Artisan Coffee


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