‘What the Heck Is an Egg Show!?’

46th Annual Egg Show comes to Our Lady of the Elms March 17-18

words and photos by Noor Hindi


If I say, ‘decorative eggs,’ you might think of food coloring and paint. Except, the Ohio Egg Artists Guild (yes, this is a real thing), might be a little offended at your narrow idea of the subtle art of decorating eggs.

From Fabergé eggs, which are highly decorated and expensive, to Pysanky eggs, which are designed and inspired by Ukrainian folk patterns, The Guild will be presenting their eggs at the 46th annual show at Our Lady of the Elms from March 17-18.

“Unless you’ve been to an egg show, you have no idea what’s involved,” Suzanne Gibson, president and show director says.  

The process of designing the eggs is complicated and takes hours. Using goose, parakeet, hen and sometimes even ostrich eggs, artists design the eggs using a complex wax and dye process.

Artists oftentimes develop relationships with farmers to obtain the eggs, and because the eggs are so fragile, the process can be delicate.

“They have losses. But once they finish the designs, they put several layers of finish or wax of some sort to protect the integrity of the egg and make it stronger.”

The Guild works mostly with the Pysanky form, creating difficult patterns and details. Each artist brings their own personality and process to the design, making each egg unique.

“You’re only limited by your imagination,” Suzanne says. “The sky’s the limit.”

Some of the eggers create jewelry out of the eggs, along with purses and other items. One egger created Cinderella’s horse drawn carriage out of an ostrich egg, and usually displays it at the show. Another egger creates zentangle-inspired eggs.

Aside from decorative eggs, the show will feature glass blowing artists and jewelers. Typically, 250-300 people attend the show. This year, about 25 vendors will be showcasing their work.

“I’ve enjoyed how much the show has evolved. It gets better all the time and that’s exciting to me.”

Egg classes will also be offered on event days to introduce people to the art of egging.

“Our goal is to encourage people to get into the art of egging, so our classes are geared towards beginners.”

For more information about the show, visit theelegantegg.weebly.com.

The Elegant Egg & More

Our Lady of the Elms

Saturday, March 17: 10-4pm

Sunday, March 18: 12-4pm

$5 gate fee