Celebrate the Thriving Local Music Scene with 33 Bands at 330 Day

by Annette Yoho Feltes


The330.net and 91.3 The Summit FM are preparing to once again showcase the fabulous talent in The Summit’s Northeast Ohio listening area. On Friday, March 30, they will present their third annual 330 Day Concert beginning at 7 pm at the Akron Civic Theater. The evening event will feature 33 musicians and bands with rustbelt roots.  

Ryan Humbert, Marketing and Events Coordinator for The Summit booked 33 bands in just four days for this blockbuster event. The Civic stage will split into a left and right music venue. While one group is performing, another will set up on the same stage. The stage lights will alternate back and forth as each act plays one song. The Summit’s very own Garret Hart will emcee this music extravaganza event.

The bands and musicians slotted to take the Civic stage, in no particular order, are Brian Lisik, The Kidney Brother (Numbers Band), Tracey Thomas, Stems, Zach, Marc Lee Shannon, Shooter Sharp & The Shootouts, Yankee Bravo, Demos Papadimas, Madison Cummins, Coup de Grace, The Speedbumps, The Cave Twins (David Mayfield & Abby Rose), The Labra Brothers, Run Thomas Run, The Royal Vasa, A Band Named Ashes, Alexis Antes, DreamStates (Natalie Grace Martin), The Vindys, Rick Deak, Ledges, White Buffalo Woman, Cody J. Martin, Flight 619, Nick Wilkinson, By Light We Loom, Jeff Klemm & The Letters, Hey Monea, The Ohio Weather Band, Angie Haze, French Donkey and The Beyonderers. The station will play 330 artists on-air all day of the show to sample what you will enjoy at the show.

Humbert says this will be a good sampler of what local bands The Summit’s 330 station features. This member-supported nonprofit station puts a lot of time and energy into promoting local music as demonstrated by its streaming station, The 330.net.

Brad Savage, Program Manager for The Summit, and Humbert, who is also the frontman for Shooter Sharp & The Shootouts, created The 330.net to show the Summit listening area the talented acts performing locally and to promote them. The thing that makes these “rustbelt musicians different from  other musicians,” says Humbert, “is their salt of the earth Midwest work ethic.”

This all-ages free concert is open to the public with donations to defray the cost accepted at the door.  Summit members will receive preferential seating on a first-come-first-serve basis. Doors open at 6 pm and the show begins at 7 pm.

This summer, The Summit FM will fire up the El Camino and begin its second season of The 330 Road Show. These free Akron area live pop-up mini concerts, funded by a Knight Arts Challenge grant, showcase the talented musicians played on the 330.net and The Summit.


(Photo from last year’s 330 Day courtesy of 330.net and 91.3 The Summit FM)