“I always want to feel connected to my customer . . .”

GOODS: Clean, Approachable and Fresh

words by Noor Hindi, photos by Ilenia Pezzaniti


After being diagnosed with food sensitivities that lead to skin problems, Randi Hodge knew she had to make a change. She spent months searching for natural products, only to realize that they weren’t as “natural” and “organic” as they marketed themselves to be. Plus, the products were too expensive.

Today, Randi is out to prove that clean and organic doesn’t have to mean expensive. That’s why she founded GOODS, a company that specializes in completely natural hair and body products.

All of GOODS’ products are low cost, making the line accessible and clean.

“I think what makes people connect with me is that I’ve been there and I want the line to be approachable,” she says. “I think natural lines a lot of times are considered a luxury.”

Randi founded GOODS in 2017. She sells hair and body butter, detox masks and shaving and beard oils among other things. Her products contain essential oils like vetiver and bergamot, sage and ginger. Online, her ingredients are listed so that customers know exactly what they’re putting on their body.

If a product doesn’t work for a customer, Randi can swap ingredients out until the customer figures out what works for their body and what doesn’t.

“I just remember people trying to tell me what worked for them and it didn’t work for me, so I find myself sometimes doing that and then I have to remind myself that everybody’s different. Everybody’s body is different.”

Since starting GOODS, Randi has struggled with time management. She loves the work she does, which makes it difficult to let go and find time to relax.

“I could work all the time because I usually enjoy what I’m doing and it’s fun and I like to finish lists.”

Growing up in Akron, Randi “did not like Akron at all” but says it has grown on her, making it the perfect place to start her business. Now Randi is inspired by the city.

“I think there’s a sense of community here, there’s a sense of hope here that I feel like LeBron and some other people have sparked up.”

Randi likes being an entrepreneur because it allows her to make a living doing what she loves. She enjoys tailoring her business to her personality and having full control of her day-to-day schedule.

“I think each entrepreneur makes their own company unique.”  

Check out GOODS at goods-here.co and on Facebook @goods.here. Check out our video about GOODS at bit.ly/2CGCHXk