Shout-outs from the Recovery Community


(cover photo by Ilenia Pezzaniti)

Jerry Craig, Executive Director at Summit County Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health

The Summit County Opiate Task Force gets a shout out for their incredible commitment to battling the opiate epidemic and saving lives. Community problems require community solutions, and this statement is illustrated by the powerful collaboration of over 550 individuals who have come together to develop ways to be expand treatment, help families and reduce stigma associated with opiate addiction.

Deborah Foster-Koch, Executive Director of IBH Addiction Recovery Center

We have 102 staff members and every one of them deserves special recognition for the compassion and dedication that they bring to their jobs.  To name just a few:  Michael Swartout supplies an unrivaled passion for educating people about the disease of addiction and the effects of trauma.  Kristin Dowling brings creativity and freshness to every project she is given. Matt Vance ensures that the food served at meals and events is delicious and nutritious 365 days a year.  And Melody Ruffin Ward helps clients and staff alike find hope and purpose in every day, despite the loss and devastation caused by addiction.

Raynard Dean Packard, Director of The Packard Institute

Senior Counselor Keri Countryman, and Senior Recovery Coach Jason Logue deserve MAD love for their tireless efforts on behalf of the sick and suffering.