Floco’s Modern Life | Seeing myself in Akron, right where I need to be

words by Floco Torres, photo by Shane Wynn



I’m a firm believer that “You’re right where you need to be.” While it may be sobering at times, the right attitude on this can really display power and triumph. I’ve thought this a lot about my career and personal life, as my first year in Akron comes to a close in two weeks. In 12 months, my quality of life has changed for the better in both of those realms, and it appears to match Akron’s progression as well. When we’re honest with ourselves, our surroundings reflect 100 percent of who we are in the moment. I feel that I relate to Akron’s story deep down in a way.

My past is full of long gone “hey days,” missed opportunities and learning experiences, just like Akron’s. My will to keep growing and to prove to myself that I’m capable of more mirrors Akron’s efforts to maintain its “Rubber City” roots while improving and modernizing. I compare my constant creation process to the city’s relentless construction streak. Akron’s “won’t quit” spirit is one of my favorite things about being here. Akron’s “We’ll never be *insert negative comparison*” is my least favorite thing, and it matches how I feel when I compare myself to bigger artists and their respective budgets.  

I’ve had a number of memorable experiences that I’d rather share with you in person, and since I’m not from here, I’ll save your time and my thoughts on what I think the city needs. I will say that in 2018 and beyond, I hope this city keeps its head down and continues to work towards the reflection it would like to see in the mirror. That’s exactly what I plan to do. Thanks for a great first year Akron Ohio, let’s have another one.