The Wanderer | January 2018

Let’s Have an OK 2018!

by Dave Daly


My Fellow Akronites,

Hot damn, it’s 2018! Did you make it through the holidays unscathed? Do you remember who you kissed at midnight on New Year’s? Hopefully not. If you did, it means you probably weren’t trying hard enough.

To me, 2017 was abrasive. It felt like I fell off my bicycle and got some serious road rash. Asshole presidents and politicians will do that to you. Akron is not perfect. We have issues with poverty, addiction and population decline, but local leadership and residents are taking strides to create a better place to call home. I’m hopeful that 2018 will bring more positive things to our fair city.

As you wake from your post-holiday stupor and take a moment to calculate your current and future life choices for the new year, let me help you make some good ones right off the bat.

Let’s make January and the rest of 2018 the best year ever, or at least a pretty good one.

Trying to get fit? You’re probably thinking about joining a gym, but have you considered an alternative way to workout? Specifically the kind that involves spokes, pedals and handlebars? If you ain’t picking up what I’m putting down, get a BICYCLE! Yeah, I know it’s January and you are wary of snow and ice, but you can ride a road or mountain bike in Akron pretty much year round as long as you’ve got the right gear. Not only does Dirty River Bicycle Works have the right gear, but owner/operator Ryan “Otis” Adams is hosting Sunday morning group rides all winter. You can join the Yeti Squad on a 10- to 15-mile on/off road ride that will most likely end with a boozy brunch. So, make friends, get sweaty on a ride then fill up on pancakes and mimosas.

Your exercise plan is in place, so now it’s time to work on that diet. Did you know that Countryside Conservancy has indoor farmers’ markets all winter long? Saturday mornings from 9 am – 12 pm, the cafeteria and gymnasium at Old Trail School in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park are transformed into a two-floor fresh market with produce, eggs, dairy, vegan donuts, coffee and more. You can even get your knives sharpened. Cutting those raw beets you just bought will be like slicing through warm butter once Kevin Noon of Noon Sharpening gets his hands on them.

Now that you’re in the know, there’s no excuse. Hop on a bicycle, ride on down to the farmers’ market at Old Trail and take 2018 on like a boss! By the time spring hits you’ll be an old pro on two wheels and braising root vegetables like a five-star chef.


Dave Daly went back to Boston for Christmas, had a wicked good time and hasn’t been able to say the letter “R” correctly since his return.  

For more information on Dirty River Bicycle Works check them out on Facebook or Instagram @dirtyriverbikes

For more information on the Countryside Conservancy Farmers’ Market at Old Trail check them out on Facebook or visit