Front of the House, Back of the House | Honeymoon Grille

by Krissy O’Connor

Front of the House

Name:  Anna Shaffer

Occupation: Server

Neighborhood: Coventry

How long have you been at Honeymoon Grille?

Three years

What are your top 3 obsessions right now?

  1. The Outlander Series. My sister and I are obsessed and watch it every Sunday.
  2. My puppy Lily. She is a handful and I spend a lot of time with her.
  3. Lock 3 in Downtown Akron was a summer obsession. My sister and I went to a lot of shows, festivals, and concerts there. We love it.

What is your favorite tradition about Thanksgiving in Akron?

We have a large family so it is hard to all get together and do one thing. We end up going to three different houses so there is a lot of cooking all day, starting bright and early at 8 a.m.

What should we definitely not miss at Honeymoon Grille’s menu?

The Country Omelet. Any of the omelets are really good and maybe some of the sweet stuff like the French Toast.

Back of the House

Name: Kate Shaffer

Occupation: Cook

Neighborhood: Coventry

How long have you been at the Honeymoon?  More than three years.

What is the one kitchen tool that you cannot live without?

My rubber spatula/scraper.

What is your first or earliest cooking memory?

I was very young, maybe six years old. Cooking with my Dad and baking with my Mom. My mom has a million cookbooks and when we would bake or cook something from one, she would write the date and rate how well people liked the recipe. It’s fun to look back in the books and see those notes.

Traditionally, if you are off for Thanksgiving, where do you spend time in Akron?

With my family. My Grandma’s house is the main place that everyone gathers. We do hop around to other places if relatives cannot get out. We also volunteer at Haven of Rest Ministries during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

What would you tell your Mom or Dad to order if she/he were here and wanted to eat?

They come in all the time and tell me to just make them something. I would say a favorite would be the omelets and the Bigfoot Fried Mushrooms.