The Wanderer | November 2017

Dinner, Drink and a Movie  

words and photos by Dave Daly


You know how in some sequels the original star of the first movie is not present in the second? Think ‘Teen Wolf’ and ‘Teen Wolf Too’. This is kind of like that. Holly Brown, original Wanderer, has moved on. In her place: Dave Daly. That’s me. So, without further adieu welcome back to The Wanderer. I promise I will be as exceptional as ‘Teen Wolf Too.’

I’ve found myself traipsing a bit more than wandering lately. I cover baseball for The Devil Strip and the season is officially over. I know it’s not the end of the world or anything, but baseball represents spring, summer, fall and so much more. I could go on. However, I won’t. For you, humble readers, I move on. I will dawdle no more and wander anew. In fact, I’m heading to Frank’s Place right now.

Frank’s Place on Market is a spectacular establishment. Located around the corner from Merriman Avenue on West Market Street, Frank’s never disappoints. Frank Horvath, the proprietor, is absolutely wonderful.

As I make my way to the bar to order, taking in the kitschy décor and nodding hello to friendly patrons, I know already what I will soon be consuming: a veggie burger, sweet potato fries and 20 oz glass of beer (which is the only draft size available).

Let this sink in: I’m a vegetarian! What kind of magazine sends a plant-eater to tell readers about food and food-like experiences? The best kind, that’s what.

Worry not, carnivores. I’ll ask some strangers about their succulent cuts and greasy ribs. I may even take a flesh-eating friend or loved one on some adventures around town. Anyways, back to the bar.

One thing I’ve learned during my trips to Frank’s is that their food is legit. They make seriously good grub. Per usual, my veggie burger came out expediently on a plate with a considerable pile of perfectly crisp sweet potato fries. Topped with an assortment of veggies, pepper jack cheese and a healthy drizzle of garlic aioli, this burger is decadent. Folks commonly assume vegetarian dishes are a healthier option. Nah. Frank’s offers us produce pounders perfectly self-indulgent bar food. Also, the syrup I’m dipping these sweet potato fries in right now is maddeningly sweet and exceptionally excellent on my taste buds.

Food gone and plate barren, It’s time to settle up. I find it easy to gain the attention of the barkeep, pay my bill and make my way to the exit. As often happens at Frank’s, I run into someone I know. We chat, I make a bad joke, point to my bike helmet and head for the exit.

A post dinner movie is a delight, especially at home on the couch in comfortable attire. Maybe there’s a Snuggie involved. This is on my mind as I head from Frank’s on bicycle up West Market to the Highland Square branch of the Akron-Summit County Public Library.

We are fortunate to have an incredible library system in and around Akron. I live right in between the Maple Valley and Highland Square locations so depending on where I’m at, I go to either on the regular.

As I walk in this evening, I head straight for the recent returns cart. A wise library goer knows fellow patrons take good stuff out so always check what has just been brought back. Score! ‘Aliens’ is mine for the evening. James Cameron’s 1986 sci-fi thriller is the perfect post-Halloween, pre-Thanksgiving movie I need in my life. I love the library.

Time to ride home. These fall evenings fade fast and the temperature soon follows. Let’s wander again soon.

Frank’s Place on Market

549 W Market St

Hours: Monday-Friday, 2 pm – 2:30 am; Saturday-Sunday, 12:30 pm – 2:30 am

For more information on Frank’s, including daily specials & upcoming trips, visit:


Highland Square Branch | The Akron-Summit County Public Library

807 W Market St

Hours: Monday-Thursday, 10-8pm; Friday 12-6pm; Saturday, 10-5pm; Closed Sunday

For more information on the best library on Earth visit:


Dave Daly is a landloper. RIP Bill Paxton. All Hail Sigourney Weaver.