Akron Pizza Task Force | November 2017

Luigi’s Restaurant 

by Floco Torres


I absolutely loathe when things are hyped up. Everything now is either a “classic” or “the greatest of all time” with no realistic gauge of comparison to its predecessors. Even the rating system has a rating system now. With that being said, I hadn’t tried pizza at Luigi’s because the hype annoyed me. We also came to a general consensus in the office that no one at TDS has reviewed Luigi’s yet because no one wanted to be the villain if they didn’t like Akron’s proclaimed favorite pizza. But I was up for the task.

I love pizza (who doesn’t?). I’m from New Jersey and my Dad is from Queens and we made pizza at home all the time. Also, I think I know pizza, so buzz off.

I set out on this task alone because I didn’t want anyone gleefully staring at me like Spongebob waiting for Squidward to take his first bite of a Krabby Patty. I sat at the bar area so I didn’t hog a four top and gazed at the old pictures on the walls that I assume are Luigi’s family or famous chefs from Italy who made the sauce recipe. I ordered a small (four slices), one topping (pepperoni) pizza rather than getting two slices and a salad with the lunch special. I’m here for pizza, not leafy distractions.

My pizza showed up and I was ready to be underwhelmed, not because of its taste, but because it’s pizza and everyone needs to cool it.

I smiled after my first bite. There was a perfect amount of cheese—a short tug-of-war string as you pull your face away, but not so much cheese that you have to resort to the BLASPHEMOUS act of eating pizza with a fork (fighting words, I know).

Luigi’s sauce is the winner here. It’s not too sweet. It doesn’t have too much basil. There are no wasted drips. I ordered a small and the amount of pepperoni was fine. The pizza was a tad more doughy than I like, but the bottom was golden brown, and the crust was crunchy, so I overlooked that small detail.

Luigi’s pizza tastes like someone actually cares when they make it. The price point is affordable (my small was $7.75), but it increases as you add more toppings. In retrospect, I realized that I ordered my pizza wrong. You’re supposed to order it by the numbers (mine was a three, I think) so keep this in mind if you haven’t ordered pizza there yet.

I’ll stay away from the “best pizza in Akron” conversation, but I will say that Luigi’s will be getting my money a lot more now that I’ve experienced the urban legend for myself.