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Front of the House

 Name: Erin Bidwell-Giannone

Occupation: Bartender, Server

Neighborhood: Highland Square

How long at Larry’s: On and off around 8 years

What is your favorite comfort food to order at Larry’s?

The Patty Melt with fries.

In the nature of the bartending business, how do you keep your overindulging customers in line?

The daytime crowd isn’t too bad. When I am working at night it can be another story. It is important to keep tabs on people and keep an ongoing conversation.

What is your go-to healthy snack of choice?

We typically make a kale salad with shaved cauliflower and champagne vinaigrette at home.

What is your favorite Fall season event in Akron?

The MetroParks Fall Hiking Spree is great. We don’t always complete it but we try!

What are your Halloween traditions?

I am usually working on Halloween. I also work at the Macaroni Grill in Montrose and we don’t typically dress up for our shift on Halloween.


Back of the House

Name: Randy Porterfield

Occupation: Cook

Neighborhood: Southwest Akron

How long at Larry’s: About a year

What is your inspiration when cooking or coming up with new recipes or specials?

My Grandmother. She had a lot of different recipes. A favorite of mine was her Summer Corn Soup. I make it here too.

Favorite T.V. Reality Cooking Show?

I watch all of them, even the kid ones. I love them.

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not, living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be?

Hugh Hefner. (Randy said this with absolutely no hesitation or even a few seconds of contemplation. It was like I read his most inner thoughts and he had been waiting for this question to be asked of him.)

Favorite item to order on Larry’s menu:

The Burger.

On a beautiful fall day-off what do you like to do?

Go fishing. Portage Lakes is one of my favorite spots.

What Halloween tradition that you and your family have?

We decorate the house but I do not dress up.


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