Akron Pizza Task Force | October 2017

The Score Draft Room

 words and photos by Kathryn S. Stephan

If you find yourself near the university and craving some pizza, you may not immediately think of The Score Draft Room as a solution to your pizza problem, but we are happy to include its offerings in this round of Akron Pizza Task Force. Located just across Exchange Street from InfoCision Stadium, The Score Draft Room is a convenient walk from campus and easily reached from downtown.

Considering that the base price of a large pizza at The Score is only $6.95 and most toppings are only $1 to add, I created my own pizza with pepperoni, sausage, green peppers and green olives and still clocked in with a pretty reasonable price for a relatively deluxe pizza.

I stuck to some classic toppings for the sake of this review, but building a pizza gets difficult when the sauces available include red, white, garlic, buffalo and even hummus. Crust options include pita bread and french bread for only $1.50 per one-topping personal-sized pizza.

The pizza that arrived was beyond expectations for what could have just been cheap pub food. The cheese seemed a little dark around the edges, but the bottom of the crust was golden brown evenly across the entire bottom. The crust was also fluffy inside with a slight crunch around the edges, reminding me of a buttery focaccia bread but not greasy.

There was so much cheese that I used a knife to cut each piece out as I pulled it away, with enough extra cheese and toppings oozing onto the pan that I was eating it with a fork. The sauce was savory, not sweet, and went well with the savory toppings I had chosen. Toppings were plentiful and well distributed.

The Score’s menu also features a full pub menu of fried foods, sandwiches and salads, including cheese steaks, gyros and wings. The Score is still a sports bar, and with great bars come great offers: Here you can find a surprising amount of TV screens in a relatively small space, and on Tuesdays, you can get a large one-topping pizza for only five bucks. And if you like beer, The Score offers some awesomely affordable specials throughout the week.

Is The Score Draft Room a sports bar first and a pizza place second, or does their pizza alone give you a reason to check them out? We recommend them either way.


Kathryn S. Stephan has been writing since she got a diary for Christmas in 1995, and spent her first eleven years out of high school denying that she wanted to make a living out of it. She now dreams only of getting published and tenured.