The Most Akron Chad Weaver Is Leaving Akron.

See him at the Rialto before he leaves and find out why you should please love him

by Floco Torres



Akron continues to have a heavy influx of fresh and creative energy pushing the boundaries of what can be done inside Summit County as we head into another winter season (*braces self for the cold*). With that being said, everyone’s journey is different and at the end of the day, you have to do what’s best for your career or path. Comedian Chad Weaver has reached his crossroads & has chosen that to reach new heights in the comedic industry, it’s time to leap into a bigger pond (Chicago) to expand his reach. He announced a pair of send off shows on August 22nd via twitter & has been preparing for his next steps. I caught up with Chad via email to talk about his upcoming plans, why Chicago rather than NYC & his spaghetti father. (Yup, you read that right)


First, congrats on taking the next step in your career! How long have you been a comedian?


CW: Thanks! I’ve been doing comedy for over 4 years now. I started when I was 18.


I saw that you’re moving to Chicago. Why did you choose Chicago over NYC & why have you made the choice to leave Akron?


CW: There’s a lot of different reasons but mainly I’ve been to Chicago a lot and like it there. So since there’s a thriving alt comedy scene in Chicago (consisting of comics running their own shows) and since I have a lot of friends there I figured Chicago would be where to go. I made the choice to leave Akron and Northeast Ohio because I wanted to continue to get better and grow and felt like I had to move to a bigger city to do so.


How does your family (specifically, your spaghetti Father) feel about the move?


CW: My father being spaghetti he was of course pushing me to go to New York or New Jersey, the land of the meatballs, but he knows I just love the L-train in Chicago too much. He understands that every noodle has to find its own way someday.

My favorite comedian is Bill Burr. Outside of being a fan, I’m inspired by his work ethic & listening to his podcast every week, I’ve learned more about the comedy industry & how some of it is synonymous to music. Can you talk about some of the challenges of finding places to work out bits, staying busy & standing out from other comedians?


CW: It’s hard finding places to work on jokes because you need to find a Joke Gym that has everything your jokes need to get fit but it also has to be affordable. Personally I don’t belong to a Joke Gym, I work my jokes out at home using some of the classic Joke Workouts that have been passed down from generation to generation of comedians. Some people say my jokes have used JGH (Joke-Growth Hormone) or JEDs (Joke Enhancing Drugs) in order to get so fit, but those are only rumors.

In regards to staying busy and standing out, I think it’s easy as anything else, you just have to do it. There’s so many other avenues where you can work on being funny, not just writing jokes and going to open mics and shows. You can do podcasts, write articles, videos, etc. I think standing out takes time and an effort to be true to yourself. Everyone as a person I think is inherently different, but it takes time and experience to develop a personality. I think it’s the same for stand-up.


What are your biggest goals for your career? (One hour special on Comedy Central? Acting? Hosting a show?)


CW: I don’t have any huge goals for my career in comedy. I’d just like to achieve some small things, you know, like maybe just get to the point where people name their children after me and people worship me. So nothing too big.


Anything else you’d like me to add?


CW: I’m going to miss Akron and Cleveland, they’re fun places with a lot of great, genuine people. Hopefully I’ll be back every now and then for some shows, but if people want something to satiate their Weaver-Withdrawal (patent-pending), I’m doing a monthly email newsletter where I’ll include fiction I’ve written, videos, recordings and more.


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Catch Chad Weaver’s send off show at The Rialto Theatre on Friday, September 8th. Tickets are $5.


[Featured photo: Chad Weaver is all business and ready to move forward. Photo by Chad Weaver]