Standing Room | September 2017

Six Akron Bands We Think You Should Know

by Floco Torres

Flames OhGod

At the surface, Hip-Hop seems to be non-existent in Akron, but when you dig deeper you may find some artists holding it down for the Rubber City. Enter Flames OhGod who has been on the scene for over ten years now and has built up a following in Ohio and across the country. Flames has been rapping since he was 6 (so basically all his life), and in his music he tells street tales from his past, along with the balance of growing up having a preacher for a father and an addict for a mother. Flames OhGod looks to lead his Strictly Street team into the mainstream and you can catch them all at The Vortex on September 2.

(photo courtesy of Flames OhGod)



Grady Miller

Cathy (formerly Miller) and Michael Grady of Grady Miller have been hitting the road for quite some time now. Although they can be cast into a singer-songwriter box (which isn’t a bad thing), their sound truly spans over multiple genres from Folk to Country to Irish Fiddling to Blues and more. Both members are accomplished songwriters. Cathy extends her expertise with vocals and fiddling and Michael is on guitar, but the duo doesn’t limit themselves in work ethic or collaboration. You can also catch them collaborating in a new band with songwriter Chuck Auerbach aptly titled “Chuck Auerbach w/ Grady Miller.” (Yes, that Auerbach. Don’t be weird.)

(photo courtesy of Grady Miller)



King Means

Raw Hip-Hop coming out of BLAKron, Ohio, and since this is my first time hearing it, I’m assuming this coin was termed by Hip-Hop wordsmith King Means. It’s been a few years since he’s released something new to his soundcloud page, but King Means still pops up for a performance every now and again. He was last scheduled to make an appearance at Never Coming Down 2 at Hive Mind. Means has a consistent flow and keeps his sense of humor and hunger for competition level with lines like “You claim you a challenger why you keep dodging me?”

(photo courtesy of King Means)




Tom Fulton and Ben Wolgamuth make up the indie rock duo FlipCoin, and they have been consistently dropping jams for about a year and half now. Catchy guitar riffs and solid bass lines on their “Flipcoin (Red Version)” EP make it a quick project worth a listen. On “Bad Spel,” lines like “the flight’s not long enough to make up my mind” make you wonder if the band was foreshadowing their upcoming hiatus. That’s right, I’m telling you about a good band that’s about to stop playing shows. Sucks doesn’t it? For good reason though, as Ben is transferring to Berklee School of Music in Boston and Tom is pursuing new heights in Portland. They’ll be back for holidays though, so be sure to check out their music online and patiently await their return.

(featured image courtesy of by Misrae Photography)



Twin Atomic

Twin Atomic is a five piece Rock band with a sound reminiscent of early Paramore, but they’re slowly working it into their own. Trisha Arnold holds down the vocals with a sleek mix of Hayley (Paramore) Williams and Amy Lee (Evanescence). The band itself isn’t rigid in their songwriting which makes for a fun live set. Speaking of live sets, you can catch their headlining set at Musica on September 23 with AJ and The Woods and Elipsus.

(photo courtesy of Twin Atomic)





Madison Cummins

Madison Cummins creates cozy indie/folk tunes that are easy on the ears. Her album “Odd Little Place” came out four years ago, but Madison stays busy playing shows all over Ohio. Her YouTube page has a variety of tunes from Otis Redding and Adele covers to more of her yet-to-be-released originals. If you missed her Porch Rokr set, be sure to keep an eye out for her next show around town.

(photo courtesy of Madison Cummins)