Front of the House, Back of the House | Valley Cafe

Jenny Armocida & Justin Jones @ Valley Cafe


Front of the House

Name: Jenny Armocida

Occupation:  Manager, Lead Server

Neighborhood: West Akron


Are you on Facebook? If so are you an addict or just a monthly glancer?

I’m on Facebook and I would say it is a daily thing.


I’m a fan of Bad Dad, Matt Bellassai’s Wine Wednesday, and the chubby dancing guy videos?  Are there any video genre’s that you cannot resist? Any that you follow?

Animal videos would be a favorite of mine.  I can’t think of any that I regularly follow off the top of my head.


Since you’re on your feet for a lot of hours during the day, what’s your remedy to take care of your feet at the end of the day?

Just simply going home, taking off my shoes, my socks and reclining.


What is a typical outing for you and your family out and about in Akron?

We like going out to dinner and trying out new places.  Melt in Montrose is a favorite right now.


What should we order when we come to the Valley Cafe?

Definitely the Cinnamon Roll Pancakes.  Those are my favorite.


Back of the House

Name:  Justin Jones

Occupation:  House Manager

Neighborhood:  Goodyear Heights


When was the last camping trip you took and where did you go?

It’s been a while because I’m working more here.  Summer is really busy with the bike trails near here.  But the last time I took my kids camping we went to Salt Fork.


Did you camp in a tent or R.V?

When we go camping, we camp in a tent.


Did you cook or order take-out?

Definitely cook.  My Fiancee is a great cook too.  We cook on a camp stove or the firepit.


What is your best skill in the kitchen?  Where did you learn it?

Probably making house-scratch sauces.  I learned from our chef, Joe.  He’s gone to culinary school and is trained.  He coaches me because I’m a hands-on learner.  We make a great team.


Akron has a lot of music related events and festivals.  Do you participate in any of them? If so, which is your favorite?

I do, actually.  I like music a lot.  At the Metropark near my house there are free concerts or bands every Friday night.  It’s great to bring the kids and let them run around.


What’s your favorite food to order at Valley Cafe?

The Shrimp and Grits. It’s one of those house-made sauces.  I liked it even before I started working here.