Akron Pizza Task Force | Kip’s Pizza and Chicken

by Gray Giaconia

This month, I stopped by Kip’s Pizza and Chicken, a small family-owned business at 1309 Brown St, to pick up a pizza and see if it held up to the Akron Pizza Task Force standards. Kip’s operates out of a small building with a faded Ohio State flag, a Browns sign and an Indians sign in the front window, giving it a very “Ohio” feel and making me think their pizza would be good to eat while watching a game. To keep it simple, I ordered a classic cheese pizza with green peppers on top.

Biting into a slice, I was immediately rewarded with the great flavor of good ingredients and a bit of pizza grease. By the time I was done, my hands were very greasy (so keep a napkin handy), but the pizza was worth it. The peppers were cooked and tasty, the cheese was perfectly melted and the sauce was sweet and delicious. Toppings, cheese and sauce were all in a good ratio and worked well together. The crust was fine, but it seemed lacking compared to the rest of the pizza. I’m someone who enjoys crust, so I ate it, but it was bland and could use some kind of seasoning to make it as enjoyable as the delicious toppings, cheese and sauce.

Overall, Kip’s makes a good pizza with tasty ingredients at a good price (my large pizza was only $12.40). With that low of a price tag and great taste, I would definitely go back for more.