What’s the Big Idea with Akron Craft + Social Club?

Name: Karen Starr

Occupation: Shop Owner at Hazel Tree Interiors, Interior Designer, Community Dreamer

Hometown: Stow, Ohio

Current Neighborhood: West Hill


Name: Mary Oliver Bethel

Occupation: Artist, Instructor, Yarn Bomber

Hometown: East Liverpool, Ohio

Current Neighborhood: Highland Square


Name: Jennifer Davis

Occupation: Visual Arts Educator and Facilitator of Creativity, Owner of smARTStudio

Hometown: Akron, Ohio

Current Neighborhood: Highland Square


Contact: akroncraftsocialclub@gmail.com


What’s your big idea?

We founded Akron Craft + Social Club in 2016 to bring Akronites creative opportunities to party with a purpose.  


Why pursue it?

We’re on a mission!

Our mission is to provide the community with creative opportunities that give back in three ways:

  1. To give to ourselves a time to connect with others and experience a creative atmosphere together
  2. To guide participants in learning a new skill that they can then pass along to others  
  3. To raise money and awareness at each event for a local charity or organization


When did you know your big idea was a good idea?

We knew immediately that our big idea was a good idea when we first discussed it at a breakfast meeting last fall. It was just what we felt our community needed, and we were so happy to have found a way to share our love and talents with others, while supporting local charities at the same time. We all got goosebumps it was so exciting! We jokingly decided that a plaque should be placed above that booth in Flury’s Café because something truly magical had just been hatched that day.


How do you hope your big idea helps Akron grow?

We really want people to come away from our events not only with a new artistic skill, but also more awareness of the organization they are supporting by attending. We also hope to inspire others to use the talents they possess, to get creative in finding ways that they can provide opportunities to give back to Akron, give back to the community to causes near and dear to their hearts.

(Photo courtesy of Shane Wynn)