Akropreneurs | August Tip Sheet

Taylor Dawson


We asked three local entrepreneurs how they balance work and family life, and how they prevent burnout. Here’s what they had to say.


Photo Courtesy of Mike Buzek

Mike Buzek

Owner, Chameleon Cafe

“Balancing work and family. . . I don’t do a very good job of that specifically, but since I work with my family, they make me more aware of the need to take family time. As far as how do I prevent burnout, honestly I’ve had to turn down business when I’ve felt overloaded. Rarely do I ever turn down business. Because I love what I’m doing, it’s not really work, even though it’s long hours. . . By the time you get to the point when you’re making that move to be an entrepreneur, you’ve kind of made the decision of what you want to do and so you kind of have that focus on that mindset and so you’re willing to take on those challenges. . . And in this particular industry, sometimes we have multiple catering events from the cafe side, and we have a super busy day that wipes out everything that we prepped, and we know that we’re going to have a huge prep list for the following day, and you just have to have that mindset that you gotta make it happen.”



Photo Courtesy of John Green

John Green

Owner, Cafe O’Play

“For me, I balance it by doing a business that my family can be actively engaged with. All my kids are employees at our business, my wife and I are co-owners, and so it’s really an active family business and that’s actually really fun. And I think for the second part. . . preventing burnout, for me it’s engaging in things that take place outside of the business: being active in my church, being active with different non-profits in the Akron area and just enjoying the outdoors—whatever can take you out of your business head.”





Photo Courtesy of Charly Murphy

Charly Murphy

Owner, Stray Dog Cafe

“Not very well—as an entrepreneur it’s a very difficult balance. One of the best ways for me is to allow my children to be involved in our business. So I get to work and hang out with them and teach them some stuff along the way. And I don’t think burnout is a thing, if you love what you do. I think sometimes you have to get creative when scheduling recreational things for  yourself. . . taking a walk in the afternoon or going to the gym late at night. . .”