Akron Pizza Task Force: Emidio & Sons Pizza

words and photos by Kelcie Erbse

If you’re looking to get spoiled, go to Emidio & Sons Italian Restaurant. Since business has increased, the family opened a separate location for dining in Cuyahoga Falls, in addition to the on-the-go pizza shop on the corner of N Main Street and Tallmadge Avenue in Akron.

However, I ordered carry out, which was quick and easy—less-than-10-minutes easy. The little shop is tucked behind a huge Emidio & Sons sign that catches the attention of anyone looking for a quick pizza fix. Whether it’s at 8 am or 3 am, Emidio’s has your back. There is even a drive-thru for those who aren’t looking to get out of their car. They know you want it, and that you want it fast.

I got two different kinds of pizza—a sweet pineapple pizza and a half green pepper and half pepperoni pizza. As soon as I grabbed a slice, the cheese didn’t want to let go, so there were multiple strings extending from the box below. It looked like a cartoon, and it was mouthwatering.

I am one of those people who enjoy pineapple on her pizza, so I have to mention that they did a great job of melting the fruit into the cheese—no separation issues there, just sweet and delicious. On the other pizza, I would have liked to have seen the green peppers more cooked into the cheese rather than sitting on top. It did make for a messy couple slices, but I do have to say I enjoyed the mess. 

Altogether, Emidio & Sons clearly have their pizza art perfected. I would highly recommend the pineapple for those who like it. The shop also sells homemade desserts. From pizza sized chocolate chip cookies to brownies and carrot cake.

You can enjoy Emidio & Sons Pizza on-the-go or dine in at their family-style dining restaurant in Cuyahoga Falls. Both locations also deliver.

Emidio & Sons pizza shop is located at 636 North Main Street, Akron. You can munch away in their restaurant at 3204 State Road, Cuyahoga Falls. Planning a party? Check out their banquet center at 48 E Bath Road, Cuyahoga Falls. For more information head to emidioandsons.com.


Kelcie Erbse is currently an intern at The Devil Strip but has been a prominent Akron pizza consumer for years. Email at kelcieerbse@gmail.com