Urine Luck | Liberty Nature Center & High & Low Winery

Liberty Nature Center by Emily Dressler

Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness at Liberty Park. Photo courtesy of Emily Dressler.

Your favorite Summit Metroparks bathroom reviewer is back. I haven’t gone anywhere, actually. I’ve been here all along, hanging out in park bathrooms and taking pictures in a non-creepy way.

If it weren’t for Summit Metroparks, I would have no idea of the sheer expanse of Summit County since I don’t read maps or operate in other logical ways. For instance, Liberty Park in Twinsburg? Yeah, that’s in Summit County, and after driving all over this county,  it’s natural that you will need to use the restroom. Welcome, my little explorer, to the Liberty Park Nature Center, aka the spa.

Liberty Park Nature Center is a welcome respite on a rainy day and is also great for bird watching. The bathrooms are located near the front doors of the Nature Center, and they are luxurious in their simplicity. They were so clean that they felt brand new.

The women’s room has three stalls, one of which is handicap accessible, three sinks, and artful mood lighting. The changing table is in the handicap accessible stall. The thermostat near the door surprised me and I wondered if this is a normal feature that I have not noticed in other restrooms. My very own temperature-controlled restroom?? Goodness. This really could be a spa. I could turn up the temperature and hang out with all those cold-blooded reptiles in here.

A muted color palette is generally kind of blah and also, unfortunately, expected in a restroom, but this space looks sophisticated with the mixture of brown, light brown, and another brownish hue. The cement floors are industrial-chic and the walls look like slate tile, which is pretty sweet. It’s a nice mix of texture that is unexpected for a park bathroom.

Conversations with strangers in public bathrooms are never my favorite, but I do think it’s neat that afterwards, you’re like “well, that is one set of circumstances that will never present itself again.” When I was at the sink with my 3 year old, a park employee came in and greeted us as she washed her hands. This simple greeting turned into a conversation about our dead family tortoise, Spike. RIP, Spike. Will I ever have that same conversation in a bathroom again? Probably not, and I am okay with that but am also glad it happened.

If I had to find a downside (and I don’t have to, but I am a complainer, so I should make an attempt) it’s that there is no outside entrance to this bathroom like the setup at my home turf hangout, the Nature Realm. The outside entrance at the Nature Realm allows for park visitors to use the restroom when the Nature Center isn’t open.

This spa/bathroom, even with the forced-but-pleasant conversation I fell into and the lack of an outside entrance, has a calming effect. I would like to be there now and bask in its serenity. For that, I am awarding 5/5 toilets.

Liberty Park Nature Center

9999 Liberty Rd.

Twinsburg, OH

For more info, visit: summitmetroparks.org


When Emily isn’t busy hanging out in park bathrooms, she’s writing about them or thinking about other real-life things she should be doing.


High & Low Winery by Marissa Marangoni

Hello, friends. As you may have noticed, I am not a very fancy person. And I don’t know things about fancy stuff. But I did go to the High & Low Winery, where a non-fancy person like me was made to feel at home and not completely dumb when trying to order wine that I, first off, know nothing about, and secondly, do not even really like.

Drinking dry liquid does not make any sense to me, but even when your drink is dry, your bladder still fills, and then you have to make your way past the very tall ordering bar to the single-stall bathrooms at High & Low Winery in Medina, Ohio (which is basically still Fairlawn, so I reviewed it, OKAY?).

I am told the wines were good. I drank some, because “when in Rome,” and they tasted like wine. Wine expert, I am not, but bathroom expert I am, so forget the wine, let’s visit the place where the business happens.

Each single staller has a toilet and a sink. I didn’t go in the men’s spot, but I would have had it been the only one available. Unfortunately, I cow to society’s rules sometimes, so I stuck with the women’s place, and really, I was glad I did. The woodwork was pretty, the art was nice, the space was very clean and updated and really, I have no complaints!

My favorite part of this potty was the high risk level High & Low took. Now, *I* have never stolen toilet paper, but I know plenty of people who have. So the basket with six rolls of toilet paper in a basket on the floor, and then the two rolls next to the toilet, is a risky move for potential TP kleptos. But High & Low trusts their customers. Maybe wine connoisseurs don’t steal things. Maybe the fear of stolen toilet paper is overridden by a horrific bathroom tale when one of the owners ran out of toilet paper in a public bathroom. Probably, we will never know, but at any rate, the TP is abundant here. Drip-drying is never going to happen. This was a great bathroom. Would visit again. It’s all highs at High & low. A 5/5 toilets from me!

High & Low Winery

588 Medina Rd.

Medina, OH 44256


Marissa will NEVER use Charmin’ TP with those damn disgusting bears. You shouldn’t either. Bears with TP shreds on their butts are unnecessary and not charming. #boycottthebears