Beer of the Month | Aqueduct Brewing’s Euripides Strawberry Rhubarb Hefe

by Sam DePaul

Fruity deliciousness at Aqueduct Brewing. Photo courtesy of Sam DePaul.

Look how pretty. At 29 IBU’s and 5.2% alcohol, this is the perfect beer for the Summer season. It was created not only to appetize me for the Chipotle I would shamefully later pick up, but to sponsor a group called Wandering Aesthetics for the “bigger than a bread box” fundraiser.

And it’s not often I walk into a brewery and collect more information about anything besides the beverage I’m seeking. Within five minutes of taking a seat, I found myself enlightened to meet Robert, who owns Aqueduct with his wife, and who was also quick to discuss how their Akron brewery is very supportive of the local arts. They have open mic nights and spoken word on Fridays and live music every Wednesday. Aqueduct isn’t your typical polished sit-down—it has much more of an industrial feel going with brick walls, tattered couches about and large garage-like opening to the patio.

I feel like I’m simply at a buddy’s house as I taste the cold of the tart, the sweet and the crisp of my fruity brew, learning about Margaretha Burkhardt, one of the first female brewery owners in the 1800’s. I’m told about the history of the building and the creek that runs through the basement. This was definitely my favorite beer run: sipping and learning over a conversation with another Akronite, mostly wanting to abandon my pen and paper this time.

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