Front of the House, Back of the House: Frank’s Place

Cauleen Welsh & Todd Wetzel @ Frank’s Place

 by Krissy O’Connor



FOH:  Cauleen Welsh, Bartender

Hometown: Akron

How long have you been at Frank’s Place? 8 years


You are on your feet for a lot of fast-paced hours. What is your remedy for taking care of your feet at the end of your shift?


I used to bartend in heels but not here at Frank’s. Now I sit down and have a cocktail!


If you could trade places with any person, famous or not, living or dead, real or fictional, who would it be?


This is a hard one. I would say Amelia Earhart. To be a lady back then and to experience flying and solo across country, that is courageous. I like that she was a woman that never took ‘No’ for an answer.


What is your favorite thing to order at Frank’s?


Our Wednesday night special is a salmon dinner. Todd does a fantastic job with all our specials but that is my favorite.


What do you do for fun in Akron on your days off?


I don’t get many days off. My full-time job is a property manager and then I bartend here at Frank’s also. I always look forward to Akron events like the PorchRokr and seeing live music. In the summer, I love going to the Farmer’s Market in Highland Square. I am currently working on holding an art and music event here in Akron in April.  Stay tuned for more info!


* * *


BOH: Todd Wetzel, Chef

Hometown: Cuyahoga Falls

How long have you been at Frank’s Place?: This time, two years.  A while back I worked here for about four years.


Looking back, what career advice would you give your 20-year old self?


I was still goofing off at 20 years old. I wish that I could tell myself to get into school sooner and really dig my heels into my career. I am doing okay now but could have been doing much better. I did a French course in Hudson and then a year at the University of Akron in the culinary school, but that was when I was in my late 20s.


Do you have a favorite food-themed movie or book?


Well, let’s have a little fun with this and say “Silence of the Lambs. Fava beans and a nice chianti sounds fun. I have a dark sense of humor but another movie would be

“The Slammin’ Salmon” or “Waiting.” Both have some good kitchen drama.



What would you tell a Frank’s Place first timer to order?


That is hard, I like everything I make. Our burgers are great but I am really proud of the shrimp po’boy.


On your day off is there anyplace in Akron you like to go?


I am a total home person on my days off. I am usually home getting chores done, having a few drinks and maybe watching a movie. I don’t get out much.

Frank’s Place 549 W Market St, Akron, OH 44303