Akron Pizza Task Force | DeCheco’s Pizzeria and their #1 sellers

By Kelcie Erbse

When it comes to pizza, Akron knows. We know that finding a white pizza that you want to order a second time is a struggle, but luckily we have DeCheco’s Pizzeria to fulfil all of our giant garlic dreams on the south side of the city.

DeCheco’s Pizzeria has been one of the city’s favorite pizza places since the DeCheco family opened up back in 1993. The pizzeria is most known for their homemade specialty pizzas and beloved fried chicken. Through the years business boomed and Akronites fell in love with their #1 best specialty pizza: their White Pizza.

This greasy, cheesy pie is made up of banana peppers, black olives and tomatoes, all sealed into one thick layer of cheese that sits on top of the house made white sauce. You can tell they have had years of practice mastering the White Pizza, because there’s a perfect amount of everything, from the sauce to the toppings.

One note: before tackling this dish, have your napkins ready because, as mentioned, it is greasy. As you can tell by the pizza boxes, it can get messy, but where there’s grease, there’s crisp. The crust offers a nice last crispy chomp to the slice.

The other pizza pictured was their Tuesday special of the week: a medium pepperoni for $8, with a solid taste on the iconic pizza.

During the week, DeCheco’s has special pricing on specialty pizzas and their delicious fried chicken dinners. On Wednesday nights, try their eight-piece chicken dinner for a discounted price. It’s equally as greasy and mouthwatering as the pizzas.

If you’re not coming for the pizza, you’re coming for the chicken. Get one of DeCheco’s #1 sellers any day before 10 pm, or if you looking to have a great time, get them both.

DeCheco’s Pizzeria

2075 S. Main St.

Akron, OH 44301 1

1 am — 10 pm