Encouraging the Arts in Schools

Tuesday Musical Partners with the John F. Kennedy Center

by Kayla Sturm

Tuesday Musical is celebrating their upcoming 130th anniversary, but that’s not all they’re celebrating. They recently joined a partnership with the John F. Kennedy Center, which will provide integral teaching programs through workshops in Wayne, Ashland and Summit counties.

“The Kennedy Center has expertly trained teaching artists that are trained to deliver this content to classroom teachers,” says Jarrod Hartzler, Executive and Artistic Director at Tuesday Musical.

The Kennedy Center will prepare teachers with the tools they need to help their students learn subjects through art.

“The partners and education program is one of the Kennedy’s national programs. It is an arts in school partnership and the idea is it pairs a school district with an arts organization,” says Hartzler.

Tuesday Musical is one of three partners within the Kennedy Center team, which is comprised of the Educational Service Center (ESC), the college of Wooster, Wayne Center for the Arts, Tri-County and now Tuesday Musical.

The ESC and the creative learning tools they offer will help students understand subjects like math and science. This new partnership with the Kennedy Center will hopefully lead to helping students understand subjects in an unique way.

“So for example: using music to teach math, or drama to teach social studies. We know all those connections are so vital as far as education strategies and reaching multiple learning styles,” says Hartzler. “We hope that social studies, language arts and science teachers will use the arts as integral teaching tools at these professional development workshops.”

The partnership will also bring musicians into the schools. Not only will the community benefit from new subject learning techniques, but Tuesday Musical will visit schools to work with their orchestra or band students.

“Next February, we’ll spend two days at Wooster high school and Ashland high school working with all of their band and orchestra students,” says Hartzler.

(Photos courtesy of Jarrod Hartzler and Tuesday Musical)