Standing Room | July 2017

Six Akron bands we think you should know

by Floco Torres

Long Shot

Logan, Noah & Nate play the triangle offense in their pop punk band Long Shot. The three-piece band is making textbook pop-punk songs to bring out the inner headbanging angsty teenager still chilling in all of us. Their first EP, “Destroy, Remorse, Repeat” was released in October of last year and is a pretty solid offering in its six songs. The lead single “Maybe Next Paycheck” is a Blink-182-esque ode to the confusing emotional games played by a flaky veteran in a friend or lover. Long Shot has been pretty active playing shows this year, and you can catch them in Lakewood on Saturday, July 29 at The Foundry Concert Club. (Photo courtesy of Long Shot)


Expect Delays

Jesus Christ, “I Hope It’s Sunny There, Because It’s Raining Here” is a sad song. Usually no one gets me in my feelings except for Drake, but Luke Freday aka Expected Delays got me there on this song. The acoustic tune starts with a voicemail from an ex or a current girlfriend. By the tone in her voice when she says “I DO love you. I love you alot,” I would say that Luke moved on and she could smell happiness in the air, so she called to completely screw his world up. They could also be happily in love, and she was just saying, “goodnight, and I’m still bitter” (who knows?). Expected Delays mixes poetry and music, and has been building up a pretty decent following in 2017. (Photo courtesy of Expect Delays)



Ulysses is a four-piece indie-rock band. Dan, Chris, Clayton and Marc keep the vibes pretty chill. Not to say that they can’t “rock out,” but their three-song EP, “Home is a Motel” (a quote taken from Kurt Vonnegut’s “Breakfast of Champions”) tackles “the idea of going home again from love to loss and the areas in between.” The three-song project is melancholy and reflective and is good for that drive home after you break up with someone you hoped it would work out with. They entered 2017 writing new songs and have been playing a few shows here and there throughout the spring/early summer. Check these guys out and look out for some new music soon. (Featured photo courtesy of Ulysses)


Steven Jeffrey

Sometimes you’ve gotta strip everything away and just get down to a man and his guitar. You can find Steven Jeffrey all over Akron and beyond playing some of your favorite blues and rock jams on his acoustic. Steven has a robust voice and always looks like he’s having a good time. He’s playing Ohio Brewing Company a few times this year, so that may be a good place to catch him next. (Photo courtesy of Steven Jeffrey)






Michael, Nicholas, Andrew and Scott make up the four-piece rock band Stereovox. Their newest demo “Believe” was released earlier this month and is an uplifting tune about self confidence and trust. This message of positivity and breaking through can be found in a lot of their songs on an extensive Reverbnation playlist. Inspired by the 50s, 60s & 70s era innovators of Rock ‘n’ Roll, their music is just as much about family as it is playing the actual songs. With a the new demo, the guys may be getting ready for a new album, so stay tuned. (Photo courtesy of Stereovox)


Mo Mojo

No, their name is not “Mojo Jojo,” which is where my brain goes everytime I read the name. Mo Mojo is a seven piece Zydeco-based band blending reggae, Rock ‘n’ Roll, R&B, African and Latin elements and much more. Their “Party-Gras” style energy keeps the vibes danceable on their latest record “We All Got The Same” that was released last year. “Payday Come” was my favorite, because we can all relate to the lyrics, “Payday Come, and the money’s already gone.” You now have an anthem for when you go out and blow money like you don’t have bills and dog food to buy. (Photo courtesy of Mo Mojo)