Akropreneurs Event Spotlight: 2nd Annual Earthquaker Day


by Floco Torres

If you aren’t a musician or an obsessive fan of music, you may think that an all day event centered around handmade guitar pedals wouldn’t be your thing. I’d agree with you except for the fact that this isn’t just any all day event, it’s the 2nd annual Earthquaker Day hosted by Earthquaker Devices. Back in 2004, Jamie Stillman & Julie Robbins started Earthquaker Devices out of sheer curiousity when Jamie’s favorite overdrive pedal broke and he learned how easy it was to fix it. Thirteen years, 50+ employees, and a tour bus worth of awards later, Earthquaker has literally been helping musicians make noise on stages all over the world. But what’s cool about what Earthquaker is doing is that they’re actually cool while they’re doing it.

Cynics will tell you that being creative and being business savvy usually aren’t synonymous, but EQ (Ohh snap, I just got that. EQ. Equalizer. EarthQuaker. That’s dope) bridges this gap perfectly. First off, most if not all of their 50+ employees are musicians or music nerds, so they immediately fill the room with people who actually care about what they’re creating. Ironically enough, how Earthquaker markets its products is similar to how a band with a budget promotes an album. Their Facebook page is filled with astute and hilarious videos, like the recent 4th of July video or the 50’s style horror flick commercial for EarthQuaker Day. Not to mention that they have their own comic book, “Octo Skull,” which is drawn by Matt Horak and accompanied by a soundtrack created by Earthquaker Devices artists. (i.e. their employees).

Earthquaker Day is just as much about their products and how they work as it is about the creative genius of making people care about the process. The Day starts at 1 pm and is filled with clinics/Q&A sessions with musicians that have played worldwide, tours of the facility, local food & coffee and, of course, live music by Earthquaker Devices employees. If none of that gets you excited let’s also point out that it’s a FREE event. The music doesn’t stop when the event is over at 8 pm— it just moves to Annabell’s Bar & Lounge for the after party featuring This Moment in Black History and Black Sabath.

The 2nd annual EarthQuaker Day will take place from 1 – 8 pm on August 5, 2017 at the EarthQuaker Devices facility at 350 W Bowery Street.