The Sound of Conversation

Showcasing Akron’s Creativity through PechaKucha

by Noor Hindi

Anoo Vyas is jazzed about the next PechaKucha. As the founder of PechaKucha Akron, Anoo says their next event on Friday, August 4 will be especially unique. Kung Fu, theater and music will fuse together as civic innovators share their vision for Akron.

“We want to show you that Akron is a creative and vibrant community,” says Anoo. “Instead of telling you why community is important, we’re showing you why community is important.”

PechaKucha, which means “the sound of conversation” in Japanese, began in Tokyo in 2003. After attending a PechaKucha in Cleveland, Anoo brought PechaKucha to Akron to start a dialogue that fosters civic engagement and creativity.

The first event took place in November of 2015.

“Now we can see the effervescence of new and innovative ideas that are bubbling to the forefront of our creative lips as a city,” says Anoo.

The next PechaKucha will feature speakers such as journalist Amani Abraham, comedian Jill Smith, as well as Akron band The Dreemers. Each speaker will be required to present 20 PowerPoint slides at 20 seconds each. This adds up to a six minute and 40 second presentation.

Although Anoo is excited about all of the performances, he’s especially psyched about James Hardy, who is the Assistant to the Mayor and Chief of Staff for the city of Akron. Because of James, Anoo says this PechaKucha is going to be very civic oriented.

“[James] has this thesis about how cities are laboratories of democracy,” says Anoo. “I think that’s a cool thesis. His presentation is food for thought for your sociopolitical soul.”

Beer, wine and food will be available for purchase at the event. 


PechaKucha Akron 8 will take place at The Well (647 E Market St, Akron, OH 44304) on Friday, August 4. Tickets will be available at this link and are expected to sell out quickly.


Noor Hindi is currently pursuing her MFA in poetry at The University of Akron. She is usually very nervous. Check her out at

(Featured photo by Svetla Morrison Fotografy)