The Dreemers are in “Beach Mode”


by Floco Torres

The Dreemers have been building momentum sleekly for a year since their impressive debut EP, “Is Is” dropped last May. Their self-proclaimed “Akron Sound,” which blends garage rock, soul and hints of R&B, will be displayed in full-length form for the first time on the upcoming “Beach Mode” album landing mid-August. Before the whole thing drops, we’ll get a new single in “Rock ‘N’ Roll Death Wish,” which will get its own release party on Friday, July 14 at 9 pm at The Dreemers DIY venue/recording studio located at 15 Broad Street.

You don’t have to leave empty-handed, awaiting the album to drop, as hand-printed CDs of “Rock ‘N’ Roll Death Wish” will be available for $3. You can also grab The Dreemers pins at the door with your suggested $5 donation. The Dreemers won’t be alone though, as they’ll be joined by See Creatures and Logfever (of former Akron resident band Extra Spooky). Nate Bucher of See Creatures is lending a hand in recording “Beach Mode” under their new joint label with The Dreemers, Akron Recording Company. This party is BYP and BYOB: Bring your people and bring your own bottle. Come get down with the Akron Sound.


(Featured photo of The Dreemers courtesy of The Dreemers)

(“Rock ‘N’ Roll Death Wish” single artwork courtesy of The Dreemers)