Introducing: Baseball Now!


by Dave Daly

Baseball is best enjoyed with friends but there is no shame in going to a baseball game alone. I do it fairly often, sometimes catching a few innings of a game or an entire homestand all by my lonesome. That said, baseball loves company. Sometimes people complain the sport is too slow. That’s the best part! Spend this time not paying attention to the non-action going on and have a conversation sitting outside on a beautiful summer evening. Don’t forget to people watch. Canal Park is a goldmine for people watching.

Do you like sitting? Great. When you go to a baseball game one of the things you get to do most is sit. Or stand. You can walk around Canal Park too. You got options. And you won’t miss a play. Baseball allows for a lack of attention. Just listen to the crowd as you meander and you’ll know when to look.

You probably eat and drink for pleasure and survival. You can do both at a RubberDucks game — and more! Seriously, there are many opportunities to overindulge. Gluttonous sandwiches, burgers and dogs. Fresh squeezed lemonade, deep-fried delights and dollar beers on Thursday nights. There is even a restaurant with a full bar and menu attached to the park called ‘The Game’ that opens an hour before start time. Slam some well shots and waffle fries before you head into the park for some baseball shenanigans.

Canal Park is incredibly accessible. The fact that it is in downtown Akron totally rocks. There are nearby bus stops and plenty of parking. You can also walk or ride your bicycle to a baseball game in Akron, no prob. Take the towpath, as it just so happens to be next to the park. Take the roads, they’re kind of bike friendly and they’ve definitely got sidewalks. Make drivers jealous as you pull up to the bike parking right outside the park entrance.

Your time in downtown Akron doesn’t have to start and end with the game. Get a drink at Baxter’s Bar beforehand. After, have a taco or two at El Gato to soak up some of the $1 beers you indulged in. Make it a date and take that special someone to Cilantro and enjoy some Mock Duck on the patio while peeking into the park to catch some of the game.

Most importantly, The RubberDucks! Minor league baseball is legit. These guys are big league prospects and play a full season from April to September. They can ball. You’ll also have the chance to see Cleveland Indians team members rehabbing injuries in Akron. As I write this article the reigning Eastern League champs have a 20-21 record, just one win shy of .500. Perhaps a few more fans at the next home game will propel them to victory. Check their schedule online at With tickets as cheap as $5, it’s a no brainer — GO TO A GAME!