In the Crowd | Coup De Grace celebrates release of new album at Musica

 words and photos by Floco Torres

Being new to Akron and learning the music scene here has been a pretty exhilarating experience. Most music scenes seem to have a distinct sound that every band is trying to be the first to hit it big with. Yet in Akron, I’ve seen live steel drums in my three months more than I have in my entire life. With that being said, I kind of felt like I knew what to expect out of my night at Musica for Coup De Grace’s release show. I was only half right but in a good way.

Nick Reese, Doug Gallo, and David “Tig” Tigelman, form the psych-rock trio and were celebrating their release of their new record Walk In Light. The show featured openers “The Brothers Band” and “Jeff Klemm and The Letters” as well as celebrating the fifth anniversary of Central 8 Studios, the Akron staple that has recorded all three of the band’s recent albums. The musical stylings ranged from alternative, psychedelic, country, pop-rock, emo and probably more genres than I can think of. The atmosphere at Musica was culturally vast from visual arts by Bex Moss and the Anadono Art Crew to dream catcher and stone jewelry being sold at one of the merch tables.

Although the crowd was attentive throughout, there was a reserved energy waiting for our headliner of the night. Coup De Grace commanded the stage for well over an hour with passion and intention while a psychedelic light show by Skuda Productions made the stage look like a portal into a new world. A fourth visual artist joined them on stage to paint what I presume was an ode to Coup’s lead single “Friendly Tiger”.

The press release for the show boasts comparisons to Tame Impala and The Beatles, but I think Coup De Grace is far more than another band in the deep spotlight of tag heavy popular bands. (Although I think lead singer Nick Reese looks like Dan Auerbach and I’m sure he hates that) Nick’s vocals on “Champagne Taste” to me are more David Bryne than Thom Yorke. The last song on the record “Bitters” is a rousing tune where Nick embraces a new path when he sings “Cause we both know, we’re going our own way, and it’s ok”. Coup De Grace’s new record Walk In Light is an exceptional psychedelic rock calling card to seeing them live and another compelling reason to keep exploring Akron’s music scene.

Check out Walk In Light by Coup De Grace on their bandcamp page.