Standing Room | June 2017

Six Akron bands we think you should know

by Floco Torres


Jet Swade

Jet Swade is quickly becoming one of Akron’s most talked about Hip-Hop artist on the scene. Jet Swade (which stands for ‘Just Educating Truth, Speaking What Affects Dimensions Everywhere’) matches his mission statement through his lyrics and energy on stage. He played a flawless set at The Vortex back in April opening for the legendary Hip-Hop wordsmith, Masta Ace. His wordplay is reminiscent of Lupe Fiasco and Tech N9ne and he easily bounces between balanced bravado on songs like “Too Smart” and relatable quips on “Along for the ride.” Jet is producing more and more of his music lately as well as building up his own label Truf Seeker Music that currently houses four other artists. (Photo by L Squared Photography)


Tall Tales of Akron

Kyndra Heischman, Jason WIllis, Brian Parsons, Brian Raglow and Olivia Cutlip have been playing blues and folk jams as the band “Tall Tales of Akron” for a few years now. Kyndra’s voice is melodious throughout their “Ep.2” project and her harmonies with Olivia on “Ohio Nights” make for a solid tune. “Sarah” was my favorite on the record, a fun upbeat bluesy song about waiting for a loved one to return. If you’re looking for some good folk, definitely check these guys out. (Featured photo courtesy of Tall Tales of Akron)



I was slightly ashamed to not know what “Timba” was when I came across the band Ahi-nama. Ahi-nama is an eight piece Latin/Salsa/Timba (Timba is a Cuban genre of music) band that is sure to get you dancing even if you can’t. This band is just another testament to how incredibly diverse the Akron music scene is. “La Hidrociudad” is a tasty jam with an intoxicating Caribbean groove and Nate goes off on his Saxophone solo. They’ve been gigging on and off over the past few months as a quintet but as the weather gets warmer, I would imagine to see them lighting up dance floors more this summer. (Photo by McKenzie Beynon)


Three Legged Chairs

Justin, Kyle, Shay and Cameron aspire to be the next teen pop sensation with their alternative/indie band Three Legged Chairs. Contrary to their desired end goal, the band’s EP “The Learning Channel” doesn’t feel plastic and comes off as a genuine effort to just make solid songs. They did just that as this EP was recorded in 18 hours in Columbus, OH. “Somebody’s Lover” made me think of a cool backyard show with those patio lights hanging over the stage, a pool, and about 60 kids dancing and Three Legged Chairs were providing the tunes. Be on the lookout for new music coming soon from these guys. (Photo courtesy of Three Legged Chairs)


Boy Future Guitars

Seth Troyer aka Boy Future Guitars is a “Noisy storyteller waiting in the controlosphere.” I have no idea what that means either but it sounds REALLY cool. The folk/pop songwriter has a whimsical approach to his songs and if the controlosphere is a real thing, his song “Fair Folk Garden” must exist there. A few sounds in the song could’ve come from the same universe that the Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band came from. Follow BFG into his universe on his soundcloud page and zone out. (Photo courtesy of Boy Future Guitars)





Andrew, Zack and Garrett make up the bouncy punk band Often. These guys seriously don’t have time to mess around with your nonsense. Their EP “Trials I” was released last fall and is all of ten minutes long. True to post punk formula, “Violence and” ends right when you want another chorus to come around. They’ve played a gig or two recently and will probably be more active when their new record comes out later this year. (Photo by Max Boss)