Hive Mind Hosts Curated Set of Experimental Musicians, Visual Artists


 by Brittany Nader

The beauty of DIY spaces, especially those thriving venues in Akron, is the guarantee that attendees will share a blended experience of diverse, experimental sounds and visuals on any given night.

Boaz Bair, a founding member of Hive Mind, has curated an event sure to live up to that expectation and yet surpass any preconceived notions about what a DIY show in Akron might be like. This particular event will grant the audience a more significant role in the performance with the musicians he has invited to the West Exchange Street venue Thursday, May 25.

Hive Mind will host Chicago-based experimental rock trio Mako Sica, along with Youngstown’s NRML GRL — a.k.a. Alyssa D’Amico, a video collage performer and live mixing artist — who will enact an interactive performance art set. While D’Amico will present a special installation that allows participants to share their own emotions and have a personal, custom song created from those expressed feelings, Mako Sica will deliver an electrifying contrast of booming sounds and deliberate negative space that will invite the listener to be part of the music in an unexpected way.

Filling out the set are two Akron acts: Gov Naim, who incorporates video and audio elements from TV and movies into their performance, as well as pop-alternative trio Glenn Lazear, consisting of prolific local players Bob Ethington, Jacob Trombetta and Mike Wilkinson, aptly described as “middle-management-collar rock.”

The show starts at 8 pm with a $5 to $10 suggested donation accepted at the door.


Hive Mind

375 W Exchange St